10 Random Questions – Endea

In an enduring effort to make sure no band ever talk to us again we've forced sick local rockers Endea to answer 10 random questions

Yes indeed you may have thought that our ill thought out series 10 random questions had died a natural death but never ones to quit while we're behind we've persuaded another unsuspecting victim to take part.

Indeed, this may be the end of their career.

So the plan is this, we have a spreadsheet with 100 questions on it, the band don't know what's on it and they choose 10 numbers at random, we match the questions to the numbers, they answer the questions.

You get the idea.

Anyway Grimshaw and Dan managed to pony up some pretty amazing answers. Aaron and Dave we're away that day.

Question 1 - You can be Nirvana for a week or Cliff Richard for a decade which do you choose?
D - nirvana, I would never be cliff Richard
G -nirvana, definitely!!

Question 8 - If you were prime minister/ruler of the world what laws would you make?
G - free education to 21, free health care, higher tax on Cigarettes, legalise, regulate and tax prostitution and Cannabis rejoin the EU

Question 14 - Is your bellybutton an innie or outie?
G - outie
D - innie

Question 18 - If you could steal one thing without consequence what would it be?
G - I don't know? souls
D - yeah souls
G - Castiel style!

Question 19 - Have you ever milked a cow?
G - nope
D - nope, though I imagine it's something Arron has done
G - haha, yeah
D - or Dave on a School trip

Question 24 - Sweet or Salted Popcorn?
D - sweet
G - ew, really?
D - yeah
G - nope not today satan, salted all the way

Question 33 - Do unicorns exist?
D - Why not
G - yes, of course!

Question 41 - If the only two foods left on the earth were sprouts or corned beef which would you choose?
D - corned beef
G - corned beef, do you like sprouts?
D - yeah, but I would rather have some kind of meat
G - Gayeee (hangover style)

Question 72 - If you were in a cop show would you be a detective, a criminal or a snout?
G - You would be a detective, your too brainy or a super criminal
D - yeah detective
G - I would be criminal definitely, Dave would be a slug haha

Question 77 - Would you sooner live on the Moon, Mars or Essex?
G - Mars
D - Mars, probably more chance of survival than the other two
G - yeah and Matt Damon did ok

Yeah pretty good answers. - thanks to Grimshaw and Dan for their good work

The really important news is that Endea have an album coming out - Into Oblivion is full of awesome toons (check out the title track) and crazyness it's available from the 15th of December.

Also they have a launch gig set for Sound Circus on that very night. Go there and enjoy yourself instead of staying in and fretting about Brexit.


Grimshaw and Dan from that Endea
Grimshaw and Dan from that Endea
Grimshaw and Dan from that Endea
Grimshaw and Dan from that Endea
Grimshaw and Dan from that Endea
Grimshaw and Dan from that Endea

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