10 random questions- Palms and Pelicans

10 questions chosen at random to test Mattea from them Palms and Pelicans

In the very first of a new and possibly short-lived series the smashing Mattea McKinnon volunteers to be the first victim.

So how it works is I have a set of 100 random (sometimes very random) questions, our victim gives me 10 numbers of their choice and that's the list they have to answer - simples!

9 If you could go back in time and change one, thing what would it be? Hmmm. Hitler's existence.

13 Can you curl your tongue? Yep!

28 Have you ever starred in a school play? Yeah, back in primary school – I played an angel in the school nativity and then a murderer called Albert in the school panto aged 11… quite contrasting roles right there!

52 If people can be disgruntled can they be gruntled? Not by the dictionary but why not hey.

88 What's a sure sign you are middle aged? Listening to Radio 2? I already do... maybe I'm on my way then. eek.

71 Too hot or too cold? Tricky. Depends on the situation – in a car I’d always rather be too cold. I absolutely hate being hot in a car, it makes me panic for some reason. In general though – too hot as this usually means the sun is shining.

65 Candles - a useful method of mood lighting or needlessly increasing global warming? Oh I love candles, they are so calming. They have to stay. I have tons in the house.

34 What is the biggest animal you think you can cling film to a tree? Interesting… a sloth came to mind, I think a sloth would be quite chill about the whole thing. I’d try and make a cling film hammock so it could breath and sleep.

7 Which form of public transport do you prefer? Train probably. Although I do like flying. I’m that annoying person who is asleep before take-off and only wakes up to eat.

20 Do you have a Swiss army knife? Nope

Thanks Mattea for some interesting answers there, I'm hoping that playing a murderer didn't scar you for life!

About Palms and Pelicans

P&P are one of the most promising young groups in the area, playing a sound they describe as 'dreamy shoegaze pop' they have been garnering a fanbase across the south over the last couple of years.

Certainly one of the bands I look out for at festivals and when they play their all too infrequent local gigs although I wouldn't let the shoegaze bit put you off; they combine wry lyrical quality with catchy riffs in a kind of early Wolf Alice/Big Deal indie pop vibe.

The band have an exciting time coming up with the release of a long awaited EP and further dates announced

You need to check them out.


Photos by Stuart Walker and Siri Crawford


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