A festival worth supporting

It's officially summer, it's hot, it's dry - why not get yourself along to a properly worthwhile festival?

It's not hard for readers to find examples of stupidly priced food, immense charges for beer, overbearing security and the outrageous demands of some headline bands at the bigger festivals.

So it's always great to find a little local, friendly festival that's aim is to give people a great time, raise a bit of money for a very very worthwhile charity and at the same time avoid ripping people off.

Having seen the line up that organiser Ian Bennett has put together then it's certainly looking like a great day out but why 'potato pants' you may ask?

Having been diagnosed with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Ian has described his new acquisition as like walking around with 10kg of potatoes in your trousers. See - it all becomes clear.

Seriously though it's not a nice disease in the least and Ian has decided that the only way to tackle the whole thing is head on and with good humour, that's why I personally feel it's worth supporting him.

That having been said, if you're a hard hearted git then you could just go along for the great music that features: Answers on a Postcard, Wayward, Rachel Stroud, Southern Junction, Icarus, Southern Corruption, Salamander and headliners Black Water County.

There will be fun, games, beer food and all manner of lovely stuff all for the massive price of a fiver. What else can you get for five quid nowadays? In fact I'd suggest you voluntarily pay more.

The festy itself is taking place down Ham lane, so not a million miles away from Haskins, and IMHO it's a good one for families as it's a one-dayer so you can take the little uns along, introduce them to the wonderful world of festivals and have them back in bed before midnight.

Checkout the website here http://potatopantsfestival.co.uk/

Find out more about HSP here http://www.hspgroup.org/

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