A Pre-Christmas treat

If you fancy seeing some of the very best music before you descend into an orgy of present wrapping and food eating them Mr Kyps is for you

Thursday night sees a local outing for Larmer Tree breakthrough award winners for this year The Villanovas. The guys who sound like an early stones with a serious rock and blues vibe going on are worth making the trip for.

Also on the bill at Mr Kyps is The mega Jack Grace, together with most of his new band. I love what he does and he's even better with a band. I defy you to allocate a genre for his music.

Kyps also hosts the superb Jawbone who will complement the first two bands perfectly. Loud and rocky they are a treat to behold.

No worthwhile bill would be complete without an act that you've never seen before and for me that would be Cormac Naggle. I genuinely have no idea what he will be doing so it's a voyage of discovery I'm afraid.

Tix are available from Kyps, either in advance or on the door and from the bands themselves.

Go on get yourself along there - you  know you want to!

The Villanovas www.facebook.com/TheVillanovasBand

Jack Grace https://www.facebook.com/jackgracemusic

Jawbone https://www.facebook.com/Jawbone.official

Mr Kyps http://www.mrkyps.net/events/event-413.html

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