Afro Tallawah

Afro Tallawah

World music I hear you say. Pah say I

Too much world music is badged as such because it includes a bongo. Afro Tallawah though are true exponents of the form with contributors from more places than I could be bothered to write down (including exotic Poole) they bring a little piece of many forms and rhythms which all go to produce a rich varied and exciting sound.

At first we get the sounds of cuba which quickly meld into African beat and organised chaos. There's a reggae beat to some of the songs and as quickly as we're in Kingston we're back on the Masai Mara. We get Rico Rodriguez, The Buena Vista Social Club and Oliver Mtukudzi

It's never samey and never boring and the crowd duly respond. It's great to see adults and kids of all background enjoying the infectious beat. Afro Tallawah have a joyful and uplifting sound with rhythm that demands a dance.

Favourite for me was Zimbabwe with Hey Tallawah a close second but I could see that anyone could take a different view given the breadth and variety of the sounds on offer.

This band was a breath if fresh air and a fitting conclusion to a great afternoon.

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Experiencing the band for the first time at the magnificent It's all about Culture event in sunny Boscombe I was struck by how well matched the band were to the event.

Designed to bring the community together by feeding them a wide variety of dishes from around the world, Afro complemented this by giving us the musical equivalent of rice infused with lemon and coriander.

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