5 local bands you should book for your festival


Splitting their time between Brighton and Bournemouth gets the Deltorers a local tag and their high energy post punk grunge mashup gets them a slot on the most bookable list.

With superb tunes and the effervescent Zoot on drums theses guys will add a dash of cred to any festy line up




Kaia Viera

if you're after a touch of jazz/funk class then Kaia Viera is the one to book. With her silky smooth honey vocals and original tracklist she's guaranteed to add a touch of wow to your day.

Another of the locals who have a bright future ahead. She's even better with a band behind her.


Black Water County


BWC are one of the most improved bands of the last two years and their anarchic stage show is made even better by a bigger stage. If you have an outside festival then it's quite usual to see various members of the band running off into the crowd and dancing/playing whilst nowhere near the vicinity of the stage. It's also quite usual if you  have an inside festival to be fair.

Playing a wonderful mix of classic folk/steampunk and their own brilliant compositions it's only a matter of time before you won't be able to afford them so get in now.





OK so they are only 'sort of local' being from the Isle of Wight but that doesn't stop them being bookable.

The boys of Duveaux bring with them a kind of moddy/glam rock/guitar pop kind of sound and irrepressible frontman Dan Duveaux livens up even the dullest festival. Not that yours is going to be dull of course.




So it might not seem like it now but by the time your festival is in full swing it will be warm and sunny and people will be sitting around on the grass chilling and having a libation or two.

What you are going to need is some proper roots reggae to complete the chilled vibe and who better to provide this than the awesome Dubheart?

Tenja and the guys are the embodiment of a modern reggae band and any festy looking for an accomplished, credible and fun band in the genre would do well to give this guys a call.




Dubheart appearing at Eden in Bournemouth July 2015

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