Basketcase @ The Thomas Tripp – Review

So I'd had a bit of a sucky week what with one thing and another and as Friday came around I fancied a bit of decent live music - but where to go?

Earlier in the day the lovely Aly of The Thomas Tripp had sent me their listing for the month and top of the list was local covers band Basketcase. Having never seen them before I thought 'why not' and headed off Christchurch way.

Of course the lure of the good beer on offer at The Tripp was an added attraction and it was clear that a lot of other people thought the same - as is becoming usual on a Friday night the place was full to the gunnels.

It was clear pretty much instantly that frontman Neil Zebedee has a great voice and we listened from the back of the packed pub to get the full flavour of the band.

There was some good stuff going on and although occasionally it seemed that the balance on the backing vocals was a bit off, the overall musicianship was good.

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There were some good stabs at a couple of Chillis songs and I did wonder if putting Blur and Oasis so close together was irony!

In the second half we moved forward and the music mix was very much indie/rock with some excellent covers of Franz Ferdinand and the obligatory 'Chelsea Dagger'. 

Neil began to have a bit of fun with the boisterous crowd and we learned some information about Tom the drummer's personal hygene that we didn't know before. There was an excellent comedy moment after the band had finished a particular song where they were asked by a punter what it was. The song was 'Basket Case' by Greenday.

The band finished off the night with 4 encores from a rapturous crowd, a sure sign that it was job done. I particularly liked their 'Sweet Child' and The Killers " All these things that I've done".

All in all an enjoyable and successful night so thanks go to the chaps in Basketcase and The Thomas Tripp


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