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I’m liking the new playlister service from the BBC

I say ‘new’ but the Beta version sidled out onto the market back in October 2013 but the finished version is now live and over on the BBC website



When you find tracks on iPlayer, or hear it on the jukebox in the Queen Vic you can add it to your playlist

The playlister service then lets you listen to a clip of the track to make sure its the right one then export to Youtube, iTunes, Deezer and Spotify where they will search for other full versions of the song.

The playlister gives you recommendations based on your favourite stations and what you have already added to your personal playlist

and it has curated playlists from presenters – which is nice

it will also mail you stuff that you may be interested in

Of course you have to sign up (free) but there are no ads and they aren’t trying to sell you anything.

You can also print your playlist although I’m not sure why you would

With all the furore and bullshit around streaming services it’s refreshing to see one that is free and sneaks out onto the market quietly

Very British

Anyway I’m giving it a go and I’ll let you know how I get on

Source: BBC Music – Home