Bestival part 2

In which we explore the island and return for a day filled with great music

One of the best things about festivals is the opportunity to see live music that you wouldn't ordinarily come across.

Bestival this year proved to be no exception - in fact it turned out to be a vintage year for new talent.

I'd promised the missus we'd go into town and have a look round.Which was nice.

Getting back to the site having downloaded the remarkably useful Bestival app I'd identified a few bands I really wanted to see, most of which were on the Invaders of the Future stage.

First up was Kiko Bun. I'd been tipped the wink by Chainska Brassika when I interviewed them back at Larmer Tree and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Bun gave an excellent reggae set but what really stuck in my mind was the sheer joy he seemed to have of being on stage and performing for the crowd. Certainly one I'll seek out again in future.

The highly sought after trio Jagaara, comprising Finchley sisters Jane, Cat and Ruth Edmondson bears the title of 'The British Haim' and this somewhat lazy, 3 sisters comparison belies the fact that they produce a much more electro rock sound. Another great find it'll be interesting to see what happens after they finally get signed.

Staying in the vicinity of the invaders stage, Bridie Monds-Watson aka SOAK plays some wryly observed songs with a beautifully melodic, dare we say 'Irish' tone. I think we dare. Sadly I wasn't able to stay for her whole set as I had to dash off to the Big Top but again I'll checking out her stuff later.

The mad dash was for one of my current favourites - Slaves. If we want to get in the pit then photographers have to be there at the start because we get three songs only so the dash was necessary. It was also necessary to get to see the whole of what turned out to be a memorably energetic set.

The guys were on top form as they played through their catchy back catalogue and the Big Top began to fill up as people heard the music outside. There's no doubt that they are riding the crest of a wave at the moment following a highly successful festival season.

Sleaford Mods are another of this years breaking bands and I was intrigued to see how their angry, punk sound would transfer to what is probably a 70/30 dance/music festival. It's fair to say that there was a lot of the crowd that didn't get it. I loved them and got some useable pics too.

I'd decided to forego the main stage as far as possible this weekend but couldn't resist having a sneaky look at The Chemical Brothers on the main stage on a hectic transfer through the throng.

Find of the weekend for me was Bohicas. On the Rock n Roll side of indie, they play at full volume and sound great. They remind me of a young Kasabian and not only in the prowling resemblance of front man Dominic McGuinness to Tom. Somehow I don't think they'll be slow burners.

A visit to Mr Tea (one of our faves at the end of a long day for  a brew and toast/cake) saw us listening to a melee of different bands, DJs and revellers competing for attention.

I'd decided by this point that I liked the festival after all. I'd made a few new photo/journo friends, the music was superb and I'd got some reasonable shots. Oh and I'd accidentally missed the Chuckle Brothers.Bonus.

All in all it left me looking forward to Sunday.

Kiko Bun at Bestival 2015
Jagaara at Bestival 2015
SOAK at Bestival 2015
Slaves at Bestival 2015
Sleaford Mods at Bestival 2015
Bohicas at Bestival 2015

The Gallery

Some of the many shots I took on Saturday at Bestival

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