Bipolar Sunshine – Review

Ever thought you were missing something? That happened to me on Thursday as I covered headliner Bipolar Sunshine at Joiners in Southampton courtesy of the lovely people at absolute music.

Giving up a smooth, chilled out R&B vibe frontman Ade Marchant (ex of Kid British) provides a likeable focus for the packed crowd at Joiners. Indeed he has everything needed for a successful career as his growing following and the buzz around him demonstrates.

It's probably important to note that little gigsandbands loved the music so maybe it's a generational thing or maybe I'm not just getting the thing that BP has.Perhaps 18 year old females see something I don't!

All that aside there are some strong songs there and I'm liking the lyrical content too. Let's give credit to BP he did give me an earworm with deckchairs so it's distinctly possible that he may well grow on me.

Kicking off with the memorable and EP titling 'Drowning Butterflies'  Ade shows his R&B credentials but mixed with a certain sadness in the lyrics.That really was where I thought the set began to lose its way as he moved into 'Trouble' there seemed to me to be a sameness about it all,

A notable exception has to be 'Deck Chairs' (see video) which is an instantly likeable toon destined to get crowds moving and gives a promise of much more to come.

Pick for me though had to be the final song of the set, the anthemic 'Love more worry less' and who could argue with that sentiment? It was a much better finish to the performance and I think gives a much more accurate impression of the quality that Bipolar has in spades.

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