Blimey they’ve only gone and done it!

Our regular reader may have surmised that we quite like the band that is known as Lyrical Monsoon.

The great news is that we appear not to be the only ones they have impressed recently as they've just gone and won 'Best Band' and 'Best live act' at the Salisbury music awards.

The band formed way back in the year that we showed Saddam Hussein that murder is a bad thing by hanging him (2006) and since then the chaps have been gaining a growing following on the south coast.

The Salisbury Music Awards featured a huge number of top quality artists and the monsoon boys scooped 2 of the most prestigious gongs.

The band; Gav and Carl on mics, Merv on Bass, Ian on drums and guitars Giles and Jordan, took home a mightily impressive trophy following the public vote and finals night performance.

"It was a pleasant surprise" says Gav, "we've been going for what seems like ages and to win such an award from our home town was absolutely brilliant."

"It was refreshing, something we didn't see coming and something very much welcome" continued Carl. The rest of the band were also very happy with the awards and all of the guys would like to thank all the heads of the Salisbury scene who have believed in them and most of all the grand public of Salisbury for voting for them.

Surprise or not we're really pleased to see the guys recognised in this way and look forward to the next 12 months and seeing the guys consolidate on what is a well deserved award.

You can see the chaps at The Old Ale House in Salisbury on 29th November, Salisbury Arts Centre on 24th January and At the Sausage festival 2015 on 25th July. Seems like a long way a way dunnit?

Check out the chaps and their stuff;

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