Bournemouth Oxjam – preview

You may have thought that the festival season was over…

But nobody told the Oxjam crew

These enterprising volunteers have organised a massive line up of different bands on one day in the centre of Bournemouth

It's a very impressive feat and so in the true spirit of jumping on a bandwagon of someone elses making we present our guide to the Bournemouth Oxjam takeover.

How it works

It's dead simple, you buy 1 wristband and it gets you entry into all of the gigs. At the last count thats an official lot of music for your money. The band will cost you the massive amount of £6 or £6.60 if you buy it online at

Now it may be that you feel like you may need an alcoholic beverage whilst viewing the beat combos. The good news is that you get free more bus travel for the day so you can hop from venue to venue and get home by showing your wristband. Probably worth buying a band just to go shopping!

All of the events below take place on the 18th October, A word about timings though - you need to be a bit careful because bands can tend to be a bit flaky and often lose the keys to their van/wake up late/dog eats their set list and so they turn up late or not at all. Don't blame me or the venue if the timings go a bit off. Now go and enjoy yourself.

What’s on when

We've produced a listing of what is happening when and where plus background to the venue and bands where we can find it and if we can be arsed.

If you don't have 4g on your phone and you don't want to write all this down you could do worse than download and print our handy Oxjam timetable. We'll also update this just before the festival to take care of any changes.

Download the Pdf

Go on it's free! (and printable)

The Winchester

Sitting to the west of Bournemouth The Winch is one of the areas premier music venues. They have a good stage area, half decent lighting and a good sized dancing area.

The Winch have been supporting live music for quite some time and continue to do so with this event and a strong line up.

The Line Up

  • 19:45 Johnny Lucas
  • 20:30 Jack Grace
  • 21:25 Gareth and Annie
  • 20:00 Saturday Sun

 Johnny Lucas comes to The Winch as part of a huge tour taking him to places as far and wide as Leicester Square and Croydon. He does a song about a lilo. find his stuff here

Bournemouth's own Jack Grace is chuffing awesome. He may be one chap and a guitar but the quality and originality shine through

We saw Gareth and Annie at Purbeck folk and they have a corking sort of folky folk modern singer songwriterstype thing going on. We liked them very much. Check em out

Headlining the Winch are the pretty damned amazing Saturday Sun. We've seen em lots and we like em lots. Progressive, rocky, think about music from across the water in Swanage.

[map address="39 poole hill,bournemouth" width="320" height="350" zoom="15"]

[map address="19 exeter road,bournemouth" width="320" height="350" zoom="15"]

60 Million Postcards

Close to the BIC with a great view of the building site at the Winter Gardens 60MPC is an oft visited music venue with a wide range of beverages and ample parking.

The Line Up

  • 18:00 Electric Panda
  • 17:30 Ironic Encounter
  • 18;45 Beartown Zodiac
  • 19;15 Aaron Gregory & The Vacant Stares
  • 20:15 Xander & The Keys
  • 21:15 Empire Affair
  • 22:15 Peace, Love and Gloves
  • 23.15 til close: DJ Tor Byrne's 

Expect Americana style rock with Electric Panda. Also expect check shirts and a reticence to use social media

Ironic Encounter are a four piece acoustic indie type band with no website. Oh dear. You can see vid or two over on Rock Regeneration though

You might think that Beartown Zodiac look an awful lot like Not Made in China. I couldn't possibly comment. What I could say is that they do an indie type folk thang. See here now

Well known to the Bournemouth cognoscenti  Aaron Gregory and The Vacant Stares can be found in any number of venues around town, normally together. Bit rocky and abit indie they remind of ramones/clash mixed with a sort of skids type thing

Xander and the Keys are a funny one. Well known around town and with some great toons they tend to be as inconsistent as David Ginola on a league cup night. If you get them on their game they are awesome. If not then they are just above average. 

In contrast Empire Affair are effing awesome. Imagine mainlining Tango laced with lemon juice and you'll get an idea of how refreshing these boys are. If you haven't seen them then go and see them now!

Peace Love and Gloves bring with them their gloves and glovettes who love a good sing song. What they are singing to is anyone's guess as PLG move seamlessley between Rap/indie/rock and anything else they find. 

60 MPC finishes off the evening with DJ Tor for you youngsters. I'll be off to bed with a nice mug of Ovaltine.

The Anvil

Generally you'd be expecting a man sized portion of rock when you tip up at The Anvil but alongside the loud of Sansara and the noisy upstart punk band The Crash Landings there are also some left field entries from Harpin on and Ruby and The Roughcuts.

Sounds like an interesting day of music

The Line Up

  • 17:30 Suburban Cult
  • 18:30 Ruby and The Roughcuts
  • 19:15 Harpin' on
  • 20:00 Skyway Avenue
  • 20:45 Echoic
  • 21:30 The Crash Landings
  • 22:15 Sansara

 Kicking off the night is new band Suburban Cult. They hail from Bournemouth, play instruments and sing. Other than that there's not a lot more I can tell you find them here

Ruby and the Roughcuts are a dedicated rockabilly band with both the sounds and the look. They do all the standards that you would expect but do them exceptionally well. Find their site here

You can't beat a bit of harmonica, at least that's what Harpin on believe. They bring a kind of rockabilly/swamp rock/trad rock n roll vibe with them so that should be nice. see them here

Think Fountains of Wayne, Wheatus and the lighter side of Greenday and you'll get somewhere near the sound of Skyway Avenue. Check it

Well travelled band Echoic will be venturing forth from that there Reading and giving us their indie rock sounds more at

We like The Crash Landings, one of Bournemouth's' newer punk bands on the scene. Supporting UK Subs in November they will no doubt be keen to impress. We like them.

Local legends Sansara will be finishing off the night in true rock god style. Perfect for an end of Anvil evening


[map address="17 Holdenhurst road,bournemouth," width="320" height="350" zoom="15"]

[map address="38 Holdenhurst road,bournemouth" width="320" height="350" zoom="15"]


Inferno is plonked right in the middle of Holdenhurst Road, almost opposite Anvil which makes it handy for this event.

They put on a fair selection of music and guess what - they've got a brewery upstairs. Amazing.

The Line Up

  • 17:30 Danni Jackson
  • 18:15 Alfie Snogger
  • 19:00 Kaia Vieira
  • 19:30 Tripwire
  • 20:30 Power Thief
  • 21:15 Rise To Serve
  • 22:15 Minor Characters
  • 22:00 Brother's Grimmer
  • 22:45 Soulhole

 I'm gonna be honest - I have no idea what Danni Jackson or Alfie Snogger are going to do. Hopefully they have.

Kaia Vieira however is another matter. Another well known on the Bournemouth scene she is as talented as she is fit. And that's very talented. Folky singer songwriter with a wonderful willowy voice.

Tripwire do noisy stuff with loud guitars, rather in the style of metal/death/goth. here is some of it

By 20:30 Power Thief may be getting a bit grouchy as it'll be nearly past their bedtime. Hopefully they'll be holding it together long enough to play thier indie rock licks

Expect Megadeath and stuff from Rise to Serve as they bang out a set made mainly of iron and steel see them here

Minor Characters are an enjoyable bunch of musos who do sort of indie/mod. Like a lot

Fun and beards are involved when the Brothers Grimmer play. Some epic music too with often experimental, sometimes indie sounds and a great dancer,

From their name you might think they are a soul covers band but you couldn't be more wrong. Singable, dancable and original soulhole provide listeners with a lucky bag of brilliant and different indie sounds for their ears


Mr Kyps

Mr Kyps is the furthest West in the venue listing and this venue should be well known to you music fans. If it's not then get yourself along there for this corking line up

The Line Up

  • Saints of Sin
  • Silencer 
  • Four Fighters

At the time of writing we are only guessing which band will start when but what a line up of rock

Hair metal at it's very best makes an appearance with Southampton based band Saints of Sin. It's loud proud and its jeans are tight

Bournemouth based Silencer provide handy rock support

The Four Fighters are one of the best Foo Fighters tributes in the country. As fans of the Grohl based band they  mix an unhealthy interest in their idol with some excellent playing


[map address="8 parr street,poole" width="320" height="350" zoom="15"]


Perched next door to The Winchester is DMYK.

They usually have a drag or tribute act on most weekends and this week is no exception

The Line Up

  • Luke Upton
  • Pink Tribute Uk

Hailing from the interesting town of Basingstoke Luke Upton is doing a roaoring trade in what looks like cover sets. see his site here

Pink Tribute UK is almost a regular at DMYK even though she has to trek all the way from Buckinghamshire. you can see her site here


[map address="500 christchurch road,bournemouth" width="320" height="350" zoom="15"]


Never needing much excuse for a party in aid of a good cause Chaplins have gone for Oxjam Takeover big style.

They've put on a whole day of entertainment in the name of charidee so well done to Harry and the gang

The Line Up

  • 13:00 Beth Johnstone
  • 13:30 The Daisy Ukeladies
  • 14:00 Charlie Woodford
  • 14:30 Citizen Perez
  • 15:00 Stanford Road
  • 15:30 Tom Clements
  • 16:00 Hope and the New Flower Generation
  • 16:30 Tobias In flight
  • 17:30 Henry Dell


  • 19:00 Cloak
  • 19:30 Drew Allen
  • 20:00 Galahad (acoustic)
  • 20:45 Thin Wire Fence
  • 21:45 Disco's out (murder's in)
  • 23:00 Bamboo Vipers
  • DJ Papa J till close

Well known to local music fans Beth Johnstone can be seen playing her 'real world' music at local gigs and festivals

A new one on me The Daisy Ukeladies (see what they did there) I have no pictures or weblinks. Soz.

Another favourite on the Open Mic circuit is Charlie Woodford. Charles is a master of the geetar and a mean singer too.

You may get triple dose of Steve Perry with Chaplins as he appears as his alter ego Citizen Perez sporting a natty line in kazoo and sometimes with Hope and the New Flower Generation. Don't let the jokey manner fool you. Steve plays a fine set and fun is always around and Later Steve can be seen doing what he does with Disco's in (Murder's out).

Speaking of later on, one to watch out for is Drew Allen. Drew was recently chosen to support that James Blunt at his BIC show in November and a well deserved honour it is. He's sort of Americana meets Jake Bugg and very good with it too.

Closing the live music at Chaplins is Bamboo Vipers, a group born of The Cropdusters but planting feet firmly in the tongue in the cheek punk camp.

After all that if you have the energy then you can dance the night away to a jolly good Dj. Which is nice.



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