Buzzcocks + The Lost Boys – Review

The best of the old and new in live music provided a great nights entertainment at The Engine Rooms

It's always easy to forget how quick it is to get to Southampton from Bournemouth but an invitation from The Lost Boys to go along and experience their gig supporting Buzzcocks in The Engine Rooms proved to be to difficult to resist.

Having seen their exuberant mix of classic mod mixed with more up to date indie, we jumped at the chance to see The Lost Boys again.

The guys have been busy recently supporting such luminaries as From The Jam and Eddie and The Hot Rods as well as building a following in their home town.

Being on the same bill as The Buzzcocks provided yet another feather in their caps and the boys certainly didn't disappoint.

The guys were on it right from the start and did a fine job of dragging the punters in from the smoking area, always a good sign.

TLB powered through an impressive set list which was well received by the punk supporting crowd.

Their songs, including single ' A better life', have an optimistic bounce to them and they'll have won a few friends. It's good to see that they refuse to stand motionless behind mics like so many bands and I'm lucky to get a few half decent shots.

The Lost Boys have the kind of refreshing, energetic sound that makes you glad to have turned out and I'm looking forward to new songs when they get time to write some!

It was nice to hear that they spent quite a bit of time later with the legends that are The Buzzcocks and for a young band, soaking up information from their more experienced peers can only be a good thing. Kudos has to go to Buzzcocks  for taking the time.

I'm not going to admit the first time that I saw The Buzzcocks but I'm pretty sure we only had 3 channels on the telly and naturally there was a bit of trepidation on my part. As part of my musical background messrs. Diggle et al have always been there and seeing them banging out a few tunes all these years later may have proved to be a disappointing experience. Would they still be able to cut it?

The resounding answer has to be yes. OK so the voices may have deepened a little, and they may be a bit thicker around the waist but the enthusiasm and musicianship is still there and we were treated to a great set.

The Buzzcocks at Southampton Engine Rooms
The Buzzcocks at Southampton Engine Rooms
The Buzzcocks at Southampton Engine Rooms


I have a tiny little bit of presence of mind and bootleg a video for the site of 'What do I get' (right) as it's one of my favourites and it gets nailed by the band as does John Peels' favourite pop song of all time 'Ever fallen in love', again one of my personal picks.

Buzzcocks give a masterclass in how a gig should be done and any young bands would do well to take note. The quality, energy and enthusiasm doesn't drop for a minute and the pretty much full Engine Rooms got full value for money.

All in all well worth the visit so thanks must go to Steve Parter for the invitation. Also fair play to the Engine rooms for not ripping off us driving punters with their reasonably priced fruit based drinks!

The Lost Boys at Southampton Engine Rooms
The Lost Boys at Southampton Engine Rooms
The Buzzcocks at Southampton Engine Rooms

It's common for long-lived bands to try to distance themselves from their early works but the first tracks up in the set showed that we were going to get a masterclass from the guys, with a rousing kick off in 'Boredom' followed by 'Fast Cars', two tracks that probably epitomise early punk.

As I mooch around the pleasingly accessible stage front and side shooting pics I find myself forgetting to fire the shutter and just standing listening to the music which is something that usually happens the other way round.

As the set moves on we get later Buzzcocks including tracks from their latest Album 'The Way'. IMHO they'd arranged their set perfectly, starting off with some golden greats, mixing in the new stuff then going on to their best known and loved stuff later.

Through the set we get vintage Steve Diggle as he jumps and crashes, playing with the crowd and giving the attending photographers and iPhones some great material to work with. Several times the rest of the band stand back and let him get on with it, and get on with it he does.

The Buzzcocks at Southampton Engine Rooms

You can find more from Buzzcocks on their very own site

And the Lost Boys can be found

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3 thoughts on “Buzzcocks + The Lost Boys – Review

  1. Saw the Buzzcocks at Bearded Theory a couple of weeks ago they were great and I really enjoyed them. It is a little bit sad that the majority of the best bands around at the moment hail from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

    There are exceptions of course and I have seen some fantastic new bands this year. I just wish that record companies would invest in some of them and get them out to a bigger audience

    1. I think you’re right but one of the things that seems to be different is the level f stagecraft.

      Bands that came from the 70s and 80s and hit the top came up through pubs and clubs whereas so many of the newer ‘stars’ tend to be The Voice/X-Factor products with little or no stagecraft

      1. The other thing that I have noticed is that more modern bands only ever seem to play a 60 minute set live. I went all the way to Reading a few weeks ago to see a band I really rate and they played a fantastic set but it was 60 minutes!

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