Camp Bestival – Friday

Sunny weather and great music greeted festival goers at Camp Bestival this year

One of the great things about living in Dorset is that the weather is always good *cough* and this weekend was stunningly good. What better time to travel the 40 minutes or so to Lulworth Castle for Camp Bestival?

We parked up and managed to carry our usual camping gear the 30 miles (or at least it seemed like it) to a pitch in the already crowded field. It was looking like it would be a busy festival.

Walking to the site I developed an unhealthy interest in toilets as I was convinced that there were way too few and predicted morning mayhem. I wasn't wrong as it turned out.

First up I wanted to see local band Sinful Maggie who we'd last seen kicking ass at Henfest.  It was good to see them on a bigger stage in the big top and they produced a great performance for the thickening crowd. It was nice to fire off a few shots then sit in the mahoosive tent and take in the chilled atmosphere that would be a feature of the weekend.

One of my favourites of the punk era (the first time round), the guys were pretty impressive at The Engine Rooms in Southampton a few weeks back.

Playing a mixture of their newer stuff and their oldie hits they worked really well in what was a baking sun.

The best bit was seeing all the teenagers with quizzical looks on their faces. They couldn't quite work it out.

Diehard fans in the audience sung along with the older stuff but pretty much anyone over 25 was singing to 'ever fallen in love'. Steve Diggle was enjoying himself in characteristically enthusiastic fashion and it ended a wonderful set.

Buzzcocks over we decide to go and explore more of the huge site and get some food. There's a bewildering array of munchies and for anyone who has ever experience our Al trying to choose from a menu they'll know that it took a while to choose. In the end we went for a particularly nice chilli and shared a tray of nachos.

And beer.

Professor Green at Camp Bestival 2015
Clean Bandit at Camp Bestival 2015
Clean Bandit at Camp Bestival 2015

We had a bit of a mooch round the site to see what we could see and then headed over to the press tent to get my photos pass. It was great to see Stevie, Aidan and the gang and we had a good old chat before I headed off to shoot and experience one of my must sees of the weekend, the Cuban Brothers.

We'd seen them a few weeks before at Common People and they were funny as. This time there were even more kids around so I wanted to see how they would handle their particular brand of humour.

The answer was perfectly. Their double entendres would have sailed majestically over the heads of the leetle Juans and the dance, hip hop and DJing hit just the right note.

A mention in despatches for Archerio who always makes sure that the photographers have got some material by looking right down the lens and throwing shapes right in front of us. This makes life really easy as I am pretty sure we all got some great images. Thanks Archerio.

By this time I felt that I needed to make sure the the local brew 'Bestivale' had travelled alright in the barrels so I armed myself with a pint and sat and watched The Cuban Brothers until it was time to go down to the pit for the next act The Buzzcocks

The Buzzcocks

One of the better rap/spoken word artists around, Professor Green was the penultimate guest on Friday.

Green, who had been suffering from food poisoning, nevertheless gave an energetic and at times poignant performance under the darkening sky.

A challenging shoot, simply because he moves around so much, but the enjoyable set made it worthwhile. 

What impressed me was his crowd interaction and the kids at the front certainly got their dad's money's worth.

By the time the Green set had finished I'd decided that I'd made a mistake in not heeding the weather forecast that said it would be a sweltering day but a cold evening. I was wishing that I'd been smart enough to bring along a sensible hoodie.

There was a sea change in the make up of the audience as, tired and somewhat emotional smaller kids were dragged back to their tents in those bloody trolleys and the older kids bunched towards the front to check out Clean Bandit.

If you don't think you know who Clean Bandit are then you are probably wrong.

You'll have heard their tunes on any number of adverts like Marks and Spencer and The poshest pop group around have certainly been racking up the advertising geld.

That said, they weren't paid enough for making the shittest advert around for Cortana.

I like their music in a kind of androgynous, inoffensive kind of way. Props to them for trying to mix dance and classical but I won't be buying an album anytime in the near future.

However they do appear to have some strange sort of attraction for me as I seem to have spent all my time photographing Bass/key/vox Grace Chatto. Odd that.

The band, who have apparently sold more singles than one direction (and no doubt had more product placement than a Waynes' World movie) go down well with the pre teens at the front and the tryingtobehip mummies at the back.

I get bored fairly quickly but stick around to the point where I'm thinking about buying my next pair of undies at Marks & Spencers. Who said advertising was dead?

Well we had a lovely time on day 1 of Camp bestival and I reckon quite a lot of other people did too.

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