Camp bestival – People pics

Camp Bestival is a superb family focused festival in Dorset featuring live music and a shed load of things for kids to do


If you were there then there's a good chance you're in one of our photos.

This set features the people and sights around Camp Bestival

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I took time to go and see the awesome 'Wall of Death'.

being a biker myself I wanted to have  nosey at the bikes and seeing these guys ride a vertical wall was impressive enough but when you see how close they come to the top you realise just what a risk they are taking.



Just as sick was the Freesports arena where a bunch of people that looked like they really should be doing their paper round used their bikes (and skateboards and scooters) to deliver thrills to the crowd rather than newspapers.


The rest of our photos are below. You can click on them to see a bigger version and a gallery.

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