Camp Bestival – the Artist pics

Camp bestival gave us the chance to see some acts that we’d seen before, some great local acts and some new to us. It also gave me the chance to beef up the portfolio a bit

Best lighting of the weekend was for Level 42.

Light is everything in getting half decent shots because it gives you lots more options.

Thankfully they decided not to cloud the place in too much smoke which never goes down well in the pit.

Level 42 were awesome by the way. As you can see I am picking my artist shots based partly on quality of photo and partly on whether I like them or not!

Level 42 @ camp bestival

Highlight of the weekend had to be when Barry Ashworth of The Dub Pistols invited me on stage to shoot the band.

One of my favourites, they were kicking it and I got some half decent shots, despite the gloomy lighting.

I'm hopeful that I didn't intrude too much on what was a storming performance and provided a great end to my weekend.

Dub pistols @ camp bestival

Despite the aforementioned smoke I still managed to get some good shots in my set of Clean Bandit

Being a very photogenic band helps, plus the fact that they throw some shapes on stage.

This was one set where I enjoyed shooting much more than I enjoyed the music.

Clean Bandit @ camp bestival

I had to put a jump shot in there and Gav from Black Water County duly obliged.

These guys are another very photogenic band and one of my faves to shoot as there is always something new being added in.

If you've seen one Black Water County set then you've seen one Black Water County set.

The whole band normally give a little jump as a specific point in one of their songs (check out our youtube channel) but on this occasion, despite only getting 3 hours sleep in the weekend Gav decided to go for it. Luckily I was on hand to record it.

Clean Bandit @ camp bestival

All the pics

These are some of the decent pics I took during the weekend

click to see a bigger version ©stuart walker

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