Colt 45 – review

Like running into the sea on a hot afternoon and finding out the water isn't quite as warm as you thought- turning up at a Colt45 gig and expecting a covers band is likely to leave you with a similarly startled (and not a little bit stupid) expression on your face.

Having been gigging the local scene for what seems like forever Colt45 have returned with a vengance following their hiatus. The crowd at The Fiveways included some of the usual suspects but there was a large contingent of people there to hear a rock band, and this rock band in particular. Dragging Mrs Gigsandbands out to Charminster of a Saturday pleased her on this occasion as she is firmly of the rock persuasion.

Hampered somewhat by a very sore looking gash all the way down his hand the eponymous Chris Payne left the stage and lead was then taken up by multi talented drummer Andy L Smooth. Drums were attacked (more on this later) by Zoot and the band was ably augmented by the arrival of Andy's bandmate of Black Water County incarnation Gavin Coles .

Now at this point it would normally be a requirement that I insert some digs at the band for doing a cover of 'Teenage kicks'. This is one of my favourites of all time and I tend to get ever so slightly annoyed when people play it badly. Unfortunately for the cause of comedy I can't really complain. The song was rocked up superbly, sung superbly and played superbly. nuff said.

The second half opened with Chris (a man with more collaborations to his name than a first world war French hooker) back on vocals and Andy on drums. Some lesser bands go off the boil with a mid set break but the energy was fully maintained by the guys and some may argue increased massively when a stunning drum solo in the middle of 'whole lotta love' elicited appreciative cheers from the crowd, especially for the virtuoso use of cowbell by Andy.

Comedy gold moment of the night has to be Gavin's solo song which was a peculiarly Dorset ditty delivered with a glint in the eye and at least one young lady near me requiring extra strength Tena Lady. Good one Gav.

If you're a rock covers band then kicking off with Gloria Jones' (and latterly soft cells) 'Tainted Love' might not be your first thought but this highly experienced band proved that genre is no barrier to a rockin good time.

Anyone in the sardine like crowd confused at this point will have had their minds put at ease when the chaps launched into 'Welcome to the jungle'. Let's be upfront about this - if you are going to do one of the most iconic songs, from one of the most iconic bands then you'd better damn well nail it, and nailed it duly was.

The cross-genre flavour continued with a very acceptable version of 'you really got me'  and it was clear that stand in drummer Zoot Hill-Valler (from Neon Dawn) was just getting warmed up. Watching him on The Ramones 'blitzkrieg bop' was a sight to see. I can only imagine he exists on a diet of raw meat liquidised and mixed with red bull and sugar. Sadly I was hemmed in by the aforementioned sardine can crowd on the other side of the room so no pics of Zoot in full flow. my bad. I'll get some next time I see Neon Dawn on a playbill.

It's been a really weird week for me - it began with watching a Dutch Folk/punk/rock band with a guitarist playing their instrument using a milk bottle (and a plastic one at that) and ended with Colt 45s Rus Scagell giving it some with drumstick (not chicken).

More genre bending followed with Daft Punk 'Get Lucky' giving bassist Scotty farron the chance to further show his skillage (and did I hear a little Celo Green?) before the band got back into the rock groove with a highly appreciated 'Highway to hell' and too soon the night came to an end almost where it started with 'Paradise City'.


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