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This is what Winston thinks of your complaint

No seriously folks we set this site up to help people. If you’ve got a piece of constructive criticism then please contact us – if you are just a web troll who hasn’t got a life then jog on.

Everything we write on the site is just our opinion. You don’t have to like it and you’re free to write a contrary piece if you like but we’re exercising our right to free speech in a tiny little bit of internetland.

That is all

4 thoughts on “Complaints

  1. 6 reasons why Open Mics are good. 1 offers sense of community. 2 Good place to get started and try new material. 3 introduces new styles and performers. 4 Diverts egotistical and greedy bands from hording everything. 5. Allows for artists to collaborate, 6. Lets people know there are passionate people that are driven by more than money.

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