We welcome contributions great and small.

What we really need are your band profiles, reviews, venue profiles and photos.

We don’t care if this is your first ever submission or that you’re not a professional. We care that you love music as that’s what matters to us.

Guide for contributors

Articles can be reviews, opinion or feature style.

If you are a music fan then tell us what you thought, try to be constructive though. Remember that just because this is the interweb doesn’t mean it won’t hurt if you’re mean unnecessarily.

Items should be in copyable text, so in word or something similar and be around 600 -1200 words long.

If you’re at a live gig then photos would be smashing, modern camera phones are reasonably good. Generally speaking we have pics of most local bands but we’d prefer to use yours if you were there.

How to articles, day in the life of, feature profiles of artists are all great and we love them.


So we don’t take advertising on the site, we don;t charge venues for features and we don’t write reviews for money. Consequently we don;t actually have any cash.

So we can’t pay you in readies.

What we can do is get you into the odd gig for free and give you a platform for your art. You’ll also get our undying thanks although to be fair you’ll have a job spending that in Sainsbury’s.

If in doubt just mail. We don’t bite often.

A couple of legal points though-

Make sure the stuff you send is yours. Don’t send us other people’s photos that you’ve nicked off the web or a review you’ve googled.

We reserve the right to alter your things. We may crop or otherwise edit your pics to make them small enough to be downloaded on mobiles, we may re write your words if we think that your speeling or grmmor isn’t good enough.

Also when you send us things then you are allowing us to use it free of charge on our site whenever we choose and for whatever purpose.

Preferably we prefer positive reviews of bands and not just a general slag off because they didn’t play Sultans of Swing like Dire Straits do.

Send your contributions to and we’ll be really happy. You’ll definitely get a byline and probably get +1’s in google for what it’s worth, you won’t get money though coz we aint got any.


questions and submissions to

4 thoughts on “Contributions

  1. Nice one Stuart …. Now how about expanding on this Open mic jam night killing live music and the future of real live music /bands how about exposing live music for free , for what it is …. Please post and Expose the pay to play cancer that is creeping in everywhere oh yeah it’s coming “H.O.B (house of Blues ) is great place to play but Bad for this pay to play BS … So for our example here ….. Any performer/ band has to pay 300 up front to play there for 40 mins, not even the main big room nope , this would be a much smaller room .(say e.g. the Foundation room ) Still has a…two drink min… plus 20 to park you motor in the lot ,+ 10 each to get in and the best bit is if you get enough peeps to cover the 300 you paid up front …(30 peeps ) You don’t loose the down payment !

    You walk away after playing your show with no money (except the 300 you put down so it feels like you got paid ) hey if your lucky you may even get a percentage of any additional door take on your part , after the 300 is recouped but who’s counting ? I might add if you do get paid it’s NOT VERY MUCH …Best yet if you do get a good crowd and it feels like your gonna get something they reward you with the fact that the room your in won’t hold more than 150 peeps so your guests will have to leave to another small room or wait outside ….yep make room for the next band ! What ! Yep if the room only holds 150 do the math 5 bands 30 fans each = Room full to capacity!! So you can’t have more peeps really cos they did the math already and have it figured out is that not plain to see here ?? Even better when faced with a full room they then ask em to leave two drinks in hand so the next band and additional fans friends family can get in… Thats right they are done with you ! It’s time for you to leave now , go load your car and maybe go argue with the door man about how many heads you counted ! What i hear you say is..WTF ! Hello ? So lets recap here that’s.. Five bands a night. they each get charged 300 up front for a 40 min spot …..they load in ,they play,they get out thats (1500) for the club + a two drink min again for the club …So 30 peeps at 10 a shot x 2 = 600 x five bands help me do the math here ! Everyone parks the car or van in the only spot allotted out back and the charge is 20 a pop again you do the math , Cos i make this out to be shameful !

    The crowd all have to agree to a two drink min.. And the min would be 600 x 5 = 3,500 not counting food or tips all five bands need to bring a min of 30 paying guests that pay ten a piece to get in so thats another 1500 to add to 3,500 = 5,000 oh and then the car park at 20 plus a tip …So if each band brings the min to break even in the hope not loose any of the money they paid up front ..they do a free show (good or bad no matter ) at there own risk and the club gets 5,000 + the parking which let’s ball park here say two per car = 1500 So House of blues and its parking lot walks away with 6500 min before tips and before any band get ‘s paid a lick ! That’s Sick ! Never mind the BIG main stage ? plus additional small rooms ……………………..

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