Deltorers + Caravaggio at Chaplins – Review

Right well this isn’t going to go well is it?

It's a Thursday Night, it's wet,cold and the Deltorers are playing a dingy basement in Boscombe. How much fun does that sound?

Well dear reader you'd  be amazed, and quite rightly so.

Admittedly the dingy basement is more shabby chic than grunge and it is Chaplins, one of the more committed of the UKs live music venues.

From the bill it looks like it's the night of the trio as supporting the Deltorers on this damp school night were three piece rock outfit Caravaggio.

I'd just read a well written piece about supporting the supports and though my expectation wasn't high I resolved to give it a go. I've got to say that I wasn't disappointed. The chaps, Gianni Cossu on lead and vox, Matt Carter on stix and bass Jimmy Dolphin weren't about to be steamrollered by the force of nature that is Deltorers.

Keeping it just about on the right side of Americana (no check shirts or cap sleeved black t-shirts in sight) they were a really good starter for ten weaving in a bit of funk although at times they veered slightly towards jazz. IKR.

Gianni's a likeable frontman and he certainly gave it his all, finishing their set bathed in sweat. No man hugs for you buddy.

A short interlude including a bit of feedback chasing and the Deltorers hit the stage. Hit is deffo the right word as they arrive in full force launching into probably their slowest song of the evening 'Love is Overrated'. A ballad it's not and anyone looking for a sensitive tune to wallow in whilst they contemplate the unfairness of lost love is going to be sadly disappointed.

'No' Sees the boys at their most Drenge like but I also get influences of the loudest and most manic Foo Fighters. We're in Grunge Central without doubt and  'Time to Evolve' (see vid) continues the theme. The place has warmed up nicely by this point and it's clear to see that the band are enjoying the night which believe me makes a big difference to the audience at any gig.

'She looks Nice' has definite echoes of Slaves with front Nathan Evans giving it his best plaintiff vocals and Brenden Frankham pounding out a mean bass.

I've seen skin beater Zoot Hill-Valler drum so hard he puked. Yep. And he came pretty damned close on Thursday night. Part Tasmanian Devil, Part Dave Grohl, Part Animal, Hill-Valler provides some serious impetus to a corking band with awesome work that needs to be experienced in the flesh to be believed.

By halfway through the set the guys are working so hard that we get an impromptu strip show and on with a second half that mounts the pavement of thrash metal ending up with a superb rendition of 'In my Head'. It gets messy as the crowd are jumping and Nathan ends up falling into the drum kit and then almost down the little stage stairs but nary a beat is missed and it all adds to the fun.

3 (I think) encores later and the chaps have been giving it full steam ahead for 50 minutes. There can be no doubt that we've just witnessed the best of local live music. It's one of those nights you get occasionally on the local scene that makes it all worthwhile. Even better than that by the time I'm walking back to the car it's stopped raining. Bonus.

Shoutouts then to the excellent Caravaggio who gave great support, Chaplins for hosting a bonzer night and to AF Studio Live for putting it on. Most of all to The Deltorers for a top quality night.

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Caravaggio at Chaplins boscombe
Caravaggio at Chaplins boscombe
Deltorers at Chaplins boscombe
Deltorers at Chaplins boscombe
Deltorers at Chaplins boscombe
Deltorers at Chaplins boscombe

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