Deltorers Vs Science of 8 Limbs – Review

2 of the brightest bands around hit the Winch on Saturday and we wuz there to take a look

There was a time when a band went like this - Drummer, Bass, Lead Guitar, Rhythm/Vox, and that was your lot.

Recently though things have changed and a spate of angry young bands have emerged with a different vibe. Royal Blood, Drenge, Slaves and now Deltorers and Science of Eight Limbs.

What marks them out as different is there is a lack of lalala lyrics (or lyrics altogether) and an energy borne of youthful frustration.

Which after all is how you'd expect the descendants of punk to be.

In the first of what is hopefully a long run of 'In Utero' events the two bands were set to appear with DJs in a marathon evening.

First on stage were Science of Eight Limbs, a duo comprised of Scott Reynolds on guitar and Mike Breach on drums.

To be fair these guys have been round for a few years now and are well known on the Southampton scene.

They don't do vocals, just sweeping, powerful guitar and a brooding menace of drums.

SO8L kick off and we're treated to a set that veers between punk,funk,jazz,prog rock and anything else you'd care to mention. They defy description and deftly fly across genres whilst smacking you on the head along the way.

There's a big phat sound emanating from only two guys and it's impressively full with lots to get your teeth into.

Of note has to be 'Sucking on a dirty mans finger', signalling the band's knack for interesting titles.

This is a band worth seeking out.

Science of Eight limbs at the winchester in bournemouth
Deltorers at the winchester in bournemouth
Deltorers at the winchester in bournemouth

The Deltorers are less a band and more a force of nature, featuring Nathan Evans on lead and vox, Brenden Frankham on Bass and the irrepressible Zoot Hill-Valler on skins.

First track up is 'One Night Stand with a Ghost', more conventional indie than most of their output, banging rhythms and raw power combine to draw the listener into what proves subsequently to be a surprisingly powerful set.

Graunchy guitar from Nathan is the hook on which the group hang the sick beats from Zoot and spine of the track from Brenden's bass.

Speaking before the gig Zoot explained that the guys feel there is a real empathy that allows them to develop their style through jams and they seem to bring a wide variety of influences to the table.

One moment we're getting screaming vox metalcore from Nathan and the next there's almost an Americana feel about it, only to be replaced by wild drums, glitch and an early Sex Pistols style anarchy.

Above all we're treated to an energy that fills The Winchester like a hundred duck sized horses all pulling in a different direction. If they carry on like this then the local music shops are going to be pleased at the amount of strings, skins and sticks they sell. Buy shares now.

Two tracks from the night stood out for me, the teen angst 'she looks nice' and screamy angryness in 'No'  that echoes Nirvana's Sliver.

The sounds are all good, a little formulaic indie in places and lacking a really good A-side hook but it's early days for the trio and if this gig is anything to go by they have a lot more to come.

The trick will be to harness the raw anarchic noise into something singable for the masses. Of course doing that may lose the joy of the turbulent freedom that they exhibit but nonetheless it'll be interesting to see how they develop and we'll keep you posted.

Experiencing The Deltorers is like experiencing a rollercoaster (with slightly wonky wheels) ride into white water whilst sucking on a lemon. Refreshing in all the right places.

Later in the set the Deltorers are joined on stage by a DJ (sorry forgot to write down his name. Doh!) and he proceeds to scratch through the remainder of the set. In places this worked really well, in others he was drowned out by the band and in yet others it didn't work at all.

But here's the key, they are trying something different, which lord knows we all need.

Solid 4s with more to come methinks.

Getcherself over to soundcloud and have a listen, then go to a show

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