Ed Cox at The Winch – Review

Ed Cox – Clown or genius?

So the Winch have a history of putting on different acts and Friday night's adventure was no exception

Ed Cox comes to Bournemouth with a prior appearance and a track record of festivals under his belt and a decent crowd turned up to witness the spectacle. Ed brings his very own Clowncore to the table and a good sized following too.

From the very off it was clear that Ed was different. No big backline, simply an accordion and backing tracks.

The reason this review is so late is that defining Ed is really difficult. He doesn't fit easily onto any particular genre.

Maybe it's better to say what he doesn't do. He doesn't do the full clown costume, just a facepainted mouth. No big shoes or funny hair.

Neither does he move about much. What you see is pretty much what you get. He has no entourage or backing band. It's one instrument and a fella in trackies and a basketball shirt.

So essentially all the things you expect an up and coming act to be doing - he doesn't do.



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The instant his instrument sparks up then the entire crowd starts to dance. Helped a little by the inevitable Friday night preload the mainly studenty crowd were going for it in style.

Ed launched into a series of songs that had an alpine/Eastern European bent but with a drumnbass backing track. You'll get a flavour of this from the vids we shot (sorry for the blurry quality).

However he seems to be having a good time. It's difficult to tell under the warpaint.The attendees ARE having a good time though and much dancing and general merriment ensues.

Particularly enjoyable was his Madness 'One step beyond', the video of which is nearby.

Ed has a really interesting look on his face throughout the set, almost as though he's the only one that gets it. You need to check him out and make your own mind up. He's doing a shed load of festivals throughout the summer and all across Europe.

Overall the Winch needs to be congratulated for getting along someone a bit different. It's really important to realise that they could probably get more punters in with a local covers band but then we wouldn't find the next radiohead would we?

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