Electric Shakes+Surfin Birds+Meat Sweats – Review

Sometimes you just want to get to watch some really good live music and patrons at Kyps were not disappointed

I'm probably one of the few people locally who had never seen Weymouth/Wimborne band the Surfin' Birds and matching these with the excellent Meat Sweats and Electric Shakes meant that it was an interesting prospect. What tipped it over the edge was that I was promised tea by legendary soundman Chris Young. More of this later.

First up was the lovely lovely Meat Sweats. You can't beat a bit of good old fashioned punk after a long (cough) week at work and MS were a great start to the evenings' entertainment.

Determined not to take anything or anyone too seriously the sweats hammered through some superb material although a notable absence was 'is Vic there' and they took some crowd based stick for this.

Best song of the night for me was 'Stupid Hair' which apparently started life as a sort of surf homage and ended up being a classic angry punk rant about a certain US presidential candidate. You need to see them do this. You do.

This is where punk is at it's best as the washing up liquid to the oiliness of the crappy pop diet we're served by the mainstream these days.

 Surfin' Birds don't really look like Surfin birds at all. As they take the stage you're thinking Indie Rock but as their name suggests the moment they hit the first note there's no doubt about their influences.

The whole set is like a homage to Dick Dale, Duane Eddy and the Surfaris and was that a bit of Rimsky-Korsakof in there too? I think so.

Once the guys launched into their first song the crowd was dancing and no doubt considering buying a stoner van and heading down to the beach for some late night surf antics.

Garagy, psychy, surfy and deffo upbeat the band, with founders Paul and Liam together with bassman Squid were an impressive sight and sound. 

You can't argue with the effort they put in with a broken guitar strap and Liam beating the cymbals so hard they needed a bit of fettling mid song. On the subject of the aforementioned drummer there was a drum solo to end drum solos again making the band ones to experience and savour.

I have been known to listen to the odd Beach Boys tune but it's not my normal audio diet so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them.

Finally on stage came they the Electric Shakes.

Apparently refusing to cancel a booking when the members pulled out was a good shout from a live music perspective and they proved worthy headliners, most certainly being on their game.

Again a band that has a bit of fun with it, the shakes took the night by the balls and twisted a bit. Then a bit more.

My favourite on the night had to be 'Daddy's Girl' but the kick off 'Go' started the set well and set the tone for the set (too many sets there I think). We got a deserved encore too.

No doubt The Electric Shakes are a band to be experienced and savoured like a fine balsamic vinegar.

The evening cost the massive sum of a fiver and I'm just wondering where else you could go for that money for a great evenings' entertainment. Half a film at the Odeon? 2/3rds of a game of bowling? 4% of a seat at Turendot at the ENO?

Only one downside. I didn't get my tea.

Chris - where's my tea?



Meat Sweats at Mr Kyps, Poole
Meat Sweats at Mr Kyps, Poole
Surfin' Birds at Mr Kyps, Poole
Surfin' Birds at Mr Kyps, Poole
Electric Shakes at Mr Kyps, Poole
Electric Shakes at Mr Kyps, Poole

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