Empire Affair – Sparks in the dark EP review

Something different in the wind

Lets be honest about this - if you are going to put a marker out there and record at one of the most prestigious London recording studios then you'd better have something to back it up.

With their second EP Bournemouth based band Empire Affair deliver with a punchy and interesting EP and most excitingly with hints of even better to come.

With the kick off track "Can't get through' the band bring forward a fratellis guitar but with a rock overlay. The Indie vibe runs right through the song though and provides a signpost to the tracks to come.

Say hello…

Moving into the immensely catchy 'Tornadoes' I'm struck by the thought that if you don't find yourself air drumming to this then you have no soul. Foot tapping, earworm making with a great hook, this start of a story telling trilogy of songs has a real feel of freshness missing from many offerings that land on our desk. For me this track is the pick of the collection.

'One night in Munich' has echos of Soft Cell's 'Say hello, wave goodbye' and the plaintive lost boy voice of Marc Almond but with an urgent front and centre guitar reminiscent of Babyshambles' delivery.

This is a band with some pedigree even if they haven't been together for an age, with gigs at the famous 'Dublin Castle' in London and European tours in their back pockets.

See them live

Final track on the EP is 'Sunrise' - a building anthem with very good production values and the ability to leave the listener wanting more. This is perhaps my overriding feeling about the whole package - it's great stuff and I can't wait to see what they do next. The great news is that they are already working on their third release so watch this space and I'll bring you a review as soon as it's available to me.

Thankfully Empire Affair are playing locally at The Athelstan Arms on Friday night so I'll be moseying along with the camera to see if they're as good live as they are recorded. I'll let you know!

You can find Empire Affair on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/empire-affair

and their own website can be found here http://www.empireaffair.co.uk/ go to it and buy their EPs. You can also pre-order the third tome too.

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