End of the Trail records showcase

The knowledgeable and ever so slightly sexy people over at Rock Regeneration put on a superb show at The Winchester this weekend with one of the strongest lines ups I've seen for a while.

I walked in to the brilliant Jack Grace giving his remarkable solo set featuring lyrical quality, instrumental skill and a superb vocal loop. I thought he was an excellent starter for ten and set just the right tone for a great evening.

 As Jack's set moved on it was great to see a decent crowd gathering for a celebration of local music, especially given the amount of stuff going on in town on a Saturday night.

Biggest treat of the night had to be Dave Chinnery giving us a rendition of 'My Way' in the style of The Cure.

Gossip has it that Dave is off to sunny Spain to work on some more solo tracks in the studio in the next few days.

Designed as an evening to showcase the best of local unsigned talent, the list really had to include the stunning Kaia Viera. A singer songwriter with a wonderfully delicate voice who gave us a superb contrast to the other male dominated acts on the bill.

Kaia is someone you really need to see live so catch her around town soon.

Empire Affair have been wandering round Eastern Europe recently on a very successful tour.

You could instantly see how the intense workload and time spent together had made them tighter and more focused as a band and it was great to hear some of the new material before the EP release on 5th September. Something I'm looking forward to immensely.

get yourself along to the EP launch because before long you'll be paying forty quid a ticket to see them.

I saw Lyrical Monsoon a few months back and thought them pretty good at the time. They are even better now.

Categorizing them as a hip hop/rap band is too limiting for what they do. There's funk, soul, indie and the odd bit of a waltz in there and it all goes to make for an outstanding show.

The bands only got around 25 mins each so these guys had clearly decided to pack in all the energy they'd put into an hour and a half set into under 30 minutes.

We liked.

So big up to Mr Chinners for a great night out.

It's heartening to see so many great bands around town and it's clear that we're blessed with a wealth of talent.

The punters left the Winch with smiles on their faces and what was interesting was that the bands all stayed to hear each other play. Talking to them it was obvious that there's a great sense of community in the local scene.


Final band of the night will need no introduction to the live music fans of the conurbation.

Soulhole brought a crowd and a dustbin sized chunk of funk

We were treated to a classic Soulhole gig. Loads of energy mixed with a sense of fun. More than once I got the sense that here we had a bunch of musicians who just love to play.

The good news is that they were playing to a crowd who just love to dance so it turned out nice again.

The Lyrical Monsoon Gallery

The Soulhole Gallery

The Empire Affair

Jack Grace & Kaia Viera Gallery

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