Endea-Courtesans – Review

Occasionally you get to see a band at a festival that makes you think 'hmm they're interesting'...Last night at the anvil we had three

Sometimes it's easy to forget how  lucky we are to have excellent live music venues in the area like The Anvil, if reminder was needed then it arrived in the form of three excellent bands on Friday night.

After a bit of time-based fuckwittery I managed to totally miss the first, long time favourites The Deltorers. Profuse apologies.

Anyway pint in hand I descended to the sauna like basement (would we have it any other way) to enjoy the most excellent Endea.

If ever there was a band that enjoys what it does then Endea is that band.

Despite an unfortunate inner ear infection that had me tempted to give him a sly push and see if he'd fall over, front man Grimshaw bounded onto the stage with the energy that has become his trademark.

Tiny stage notwithstanding, the chaps leapt into action with their latest single Runaway powering into the set full of heavy rock riffs and almost-but-not-quite core style vox and bass.

Although Grimshaw is an excellent front for the band with an easy repartee with the crowd and becomes a clear focal point for the performance, the musical cred of the band shouldn't be dismissed. This is a foursome who are getting better by the gig and rock lovers should keep their eye open for the chaps.

Finishing up an excellent set with a singalong to 'into oblivion' us punters certainly got a good show for our money.

Have you noticed how politicians seem to think that the way to get elected is to say stuff that pretty much anyone can agree with and not upset anyone? Sadly a lot of bands have adopted this approach too with the charts being dominated by anodyne blancmange maquerading as boy bands or over sexualized girlies lipsynching to their latest merchandising opportunity.

Headliners Courtesans however are somewhat different.

Technically a 'girlband' they give the impression that they would tear the throat out of anyone who might try and attach the epithet and so I won't then.

How can we describe them? Well they say that they are "the equivalent of suicidal unicorns on smack" and who am I to disagree.

Visually striking with a neat line in neckwear they are without doubt interesting to shoot.

Musically they tick the boxes. Powerful but with haunting melodies and dark undertones they remind in places of Shakespeare's Sister and in others of the Cranberries being able to thrash into head bobbing rhythms without going into a testosterone fuelled scream fest.

First song up is new(ish) single Mesmerise and for a flavour of what they about you should check it out on that there youtube https://youtu.be/6ZstRAEkWJs

The graunchy rock guitar from Saffi Sanchez forms an effective pure rock overlay to the banging bouncing thrumming bass of Agnes Jones whilst Sinead's vocals (less poppy than I expected) become almost ghostly at times and remonstrative at others. She's not so much angry with you as really really disappointed.

A good evening had by all. They'll do.

Endea on stage at the Anvil Bournemouth July 2017
Endea on stage at the Anvil Bournemouth July 2017
Endea on stage at the Anvil Bournemouth July 2017
Courtesans on stage at the Anvil Bournemouth July 2017
Courtesans on stage at the Anvil Bournemouth July 2017
Courtesans on stage at the Anvil Bournemouth July 2017

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