Fearne- a fond farewell

One of the best known bands on the Dorset scene have sadly called it a day but not before they had just one more gig - we went along for an emotional goodbye

Some years ago I came a across a young band playing (time has long since obscured the location). I didn't know what they were called but I did know they were good.

That band was Fearne and over the following years I came to know and love their music.

Sadly for a variety of reasons the guys have now chosen to go their separate ways but in true Fearne style they decided that they'd go out with a final farewell performance at Mr Kyps.

Kyps started filling up early and it was good to see that the excellent warm up acts, Joe Boiling and Matt Underdown had a sizeable audience for their work.  Both these fine singer songwriters were very well received by the knowledgeable Fearne fans.

As I wandered round pinging off shots I was pleasantly surprised at how many times people tapped me on the shoulder to say hello, without doubt a Fearne gig is just a gathering of friends who like music.

Next up the outstanding Jack Grace band. Another group that I'm always pleased to see on a bill and one that never disappoints. It's been some time since I caught one of their sets and I was pleased to see that they have again developed and moved on. Sometimes you see bands that do the same set, in the same way all the time. Not so with Jack Grace as the music is pushed and developed using new influences and differing styles. Again an excellent band for a great bill.

Finally Fearne appeared following a short audio mashup of greatest hits and moments in their history. By this time Kyps was full and expectant.

With so much material to choose from it must have been a hell of a task to whittle the last 14 years into a single setlist but I have to say that they did well with elements of each phase of Fearne and songs from all their releases.

With the background to the evening as it was it could have become a sad affair but the band deserve plaudits for making sure it never turned maudlin. Adam spent some time on the mic and the tone was always celebratory rather than downcast.

I'm not sure if it's a sign of how long Fearne have been around or how quickly technology moves nowadays but in an interesting move Adam had the crowd fire up their smartphones and go live on Facebook. "The Facebook" wasn't even launched when Fearne got together.

As the set moved on the crowd began to sing back the songs and there was some impromptu crowd participation which added to the sense of a fun occasion.

All too soon the night came to an end with an encore and a well deserved bow and ovation.

I was struck by the quality and professionalism of all the guys involved and the beauty of their output over the years. In dorset in general and certainly Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch we are blessed with an abundance of talent and a large part of that has to be down to groups the like of Fearne who have raised the bar for local live music and shown those coming on behind how it should be done.

I'm already keenly awaiting the reunion gig - you never know!

Matt Underdown at the Fearne Farewell gig
The Jack Grace Band at the Fearne Farewell gig
Fearne at the Fearne Farewell gig
Fearne at the Fearne Farewell gig
Fearne at the Fearne Farewell gig

The Gallery – some of the least worst shots from the night

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