Fearne – Chaplins 11th Feb 2014

After a hard day at work what could be better than kicking back and listening to some mellow singer songwriter vibes?

Fearne turned up at the top bar in Chaplins two members light but not short of talent and proceeded to show what can be done with the minimum of members and minimum of amplification.

Kicking off with Bill Withers' 'aint no sunshine' the boys showed their intent. Get this one wrong right at the start and it's a long road back! Bold claims followed regarding Marvin Gaye as did an excellent cover of 'Lets get it on'.

The obligatory break up song, so loved by songwriters followed (postcards) which showed their authorship credentials. A fine, heartfelt song but with lyrics containing less self pity and more hope.


Alex Bedrijczuk gave us full soul sounds with a great 'heard it on the grapevine' which was closely followed by a wonderful self penned song 'Bow'. Nick Bryson's Bass proved inspirational as it complimented the song where other lesser bassists may have overwhelmed completely. I very much enjoyed the two handed version compared to their full studio issue. A clear sign that less is definitely more.

Billed as ones to watch for 2012 by the Daily Echo, Fearne have been enhancing their reputation since and big things are clearly on the cards.

The first half finished with another excellent cover, this time of David Gray's 'Babylon' and all in all I felt the guys had hit the right balance of covers and original. Sadly I had to leave and missed the second half but I'll make sure that I catch them next time they appear on a play bill.

You should too.


p.s. sorry for the sketchy photos. I'll do better next time but a dodgy battery floored the SLR so it was down to phone for this gig I'm afraid!

Fearne website http://fearnemusic.co.uk/home

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/fearne

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fearnemusic

Twitter @fearnemusic

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