Fired up @ The Queens Park

Sometimes the prospect of seeing a covers band isn't as appealing as prising out your eyes with a rusty spoon. When England are on the tellybox it's even less so.

And so I dragged Mrs gigsandbands down to the refurbished Queens Park (it's not just for matchdays you know) to meet the lovely landlady Emma and see Fired up safe in the knowledge that I could fire off a shot or two, write a suitably snippy review and then retreat to my castle replete with crisps and lager to watch Engerlund defeat the nasty eyetalians. How wrong I was to prove to be, and not just about the footie.

Kicking off with a storming 'Fight for your right' Fired Up announced their intention with a heavy guitar sound and great vox from Shaun Aylott. What became clear from a quick perusal of the set list was that the guys had put together an interesting and entertaining evening.

My pick of the first half had to be Enter Sandman (see video [the poor sound is my fault not theirs!]) but special mention has to be made of their Buck Rogers and Lithium. I do like a good lithium. Overall in the first half I was left with the impression of a good covers band with a sneaky little punk band dying to get out.

The second half provided a mix of slightly less well known and thus less often done covers such as The Captain and Nothing else Matters to the more regular fare of the local covers bands with Small Things and Basket Case. All of which were carried off with aplomb.

Rather like England's world cup hopes, sadly all good things have to come to an end and the band finished off their regular list with a very passable Welcome to the Jungle before being urged on to 2 highly appropriate encores in Living on a Prayer and Edge of Glory. Very humourous indeed.

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The first thing that struck me was how light and clean the QP is now. So big up to Emma and her family who've been in post for only 2 months. Testament to their hard work was the number of punters gathered for the live music treat in store.

Second was the heat. It was a hot day and as Kieran from the band later explained the sun had been beaming through the windows behind where the band was to perform meaning that they were due to do a full set in essentially a greenhouse. But do it they did.

Talking to the band beforehand provided further evidence for my theory that the majority of local bands are actually really nice people. The guys were happy to chat about the band, their music and camera equipment!

The guys promised a slightly different and harder edged second half and they duly delivered. A rock version of Know Your Enemy managed to turn round the football fans in the bar and rightfully so. I very much enjoyed this.

Competing with a football match of the importance of an opening world cup game has to be difficult but the guys came out punching and the band held the punters attention throughout the whole second half of their set. By the time Take a Look Around had finished I'd changed my earlier punk allusion to death metal! Heavier and rockier and much louder but very much more enjoyable.

The guitars really came to the fore in the mid second half and the quality of Phil Noakes, Kieran Frampton and Bassman Dan O'Doherty was clear to see. Several breaks were on show and elicited clapping reminiscent of a seal who's just won first prize in the mackerel lottery.

As their lead vox snuck (call the grammar police) off outside to get out of the unbearable heat the axemen and their excellent stix Craig Frampton made a bit of a show of packing up and then, just as everyone thought it was all over the guys pounded out a superb encore. Being honest and writing this an unforgivable time after the event I now have absolutely no idea what it was but from my notes it is clear that I really enjoyed it. And I was sober!

The chaps explained after that they are looking to do more gigs around town in the future and I for one would be happy to hear them again. My challenge to them would be to dare to go a bit heavier and maybe put some of their own stuff in there but then again what do I know?

Fired up are a superbly enjoyable band and you should check them out. Thanks to the guys and to Emma the landlady for a great evening. Shame about the result.

Set list

  • Fight for your right
  • Highway to hell
  • Born to be wild
  • Buck rogers
  • Look good on the dance floor
  • I predict a riot
  • Lithium
  • Dead or alive
  • Plug in baby
  • Enter Sandman

Second half

  • Know your enemy
  • Take a look around
  • The captain
  • Slither
  • Nothing else matters
  • Fire
  • Basket Case
  • Small Things
  • My Hero
  • Welcome to the jungle
  • Edge of Glory
  • Living on a prayer

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