Garland Jeffreys and Band – preview

The word 'Legend' is a somewhat overused one - and yet I have no hesitation in letting our regular reader know that we're about to get a visit from a real life one.

Garland Jeffreys is  a man whose body of work is easy to overlook and yet it touches on greats such as Lou Reed, Van Morrison and Bruce Springsteen. Indeed not only has the man appeared alongside these luminaries on recording and at live gigs, they have returned the compliment turning up in his back catalogue alongside some of the very best.

Jeffreys is the antithesis of the hell raising New York rocker that one may imagine. After studying at Syracuse (where he met Reed) he turned his back on a possible music career and moved to Italy, wooing his wife to be of 33 years, learning fluent Italian and studying Art History .

A prolific and critically acclaimed period followed with Garland coming to the notice of the cognoscenti if not the top 20, although his 1979 track 'Matador' took Europe by storm and continues to get significant airplay.

Again Jeffreys went against musical convention when he left the limelight almost completely to take a full part in raising his exceptionally talented daughter Savannah.

His music is naturally informed by his upbringing in Brooklyn and his travels, mixing reggae, soul, rock and anything else that crosses his path. Lyrically challenging songs are twinned with catchy tunes to provide a patchwork quilt of quality tuneage.

There are a number of septuagenarians producing music today but without doubt Jeffreys is one of the most credible. His recent albums have again garnered critical acclaim as have his live performances as can be seen from this Grauniad review.

Garland Jeffreys is appearing at Mr Kyps on February 22nd 2015. Tickets are priced at a very reasonable £15 which to my mind is a small price to pay to be in the vicinity of greatness. Support is due to be local band The Secrets.

Mr kyps

Garland Jeffreys

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