Go on – have a go

Ever fancied having a go at music but just not got round to it…

Well now's the time.

Those lovely people at Absolute Music have set up a Learn to Play day as part of the Music Industries Associations' nationwide event.

The deal is that anyone, regardless of age, ability or whatever can go along and just have a bash and what's even better is that it is all in aid of the Music for All charity.

Held at their highly impressive music superstore up on Ringwood Road (just near the Range and Wickes) on Sunday 22nd March it is a great chance for you to take the kids (or grandkids) and inspire the next superstar.

There will be all sort of stuff going on like raffles and workshops too and they've produced an amusing (if lacking in AFCB shirts) video to promote the day.

Highly recommended.

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