Griever – Conflicted – Single Review

Gritty Leads, gravely vocals complimented with clean backing and smooth guitars solos all descendant into a brutal breakdown; ‘conflict’, Griever’s latest release, delivers it all, alongside with an incredibly slick and professional looking music video, from the production of Zak Pinchin media.
Before writing this review I have been shamefully out of touch with the local (south coast)  metal scene, mainly due to far too many poorly organised and run, sweaty pub gigs. However with the lengthy wait for new material from Griever now over, I believe there are many good things to come from the local scene and most importantly from the Metalcore hotshots. 
with a wait of nearly 12 months between releases for the band, previously producing a free EP ‘Rebirthing’ back in December 2013, they have hit back hard with ‘Conflict’.  Fans of Rebirthing will be content to know that the single adheres absolutely to the  true style of metalcore brutality they have become accustomed to from the band.
The title ‘Conflict’ is clearly reflected in the lyrics, attached to the official videos upload on youtube, with Vocals member David Seymour delivering gritty verses on self struggle and challenging life, the load is then lightened by a clean vocal chorus section sung by guitarist and clean vocalist Luke Davis. the stage is not all taken by the vocals however as we can hear the track being held together by mean bass lines and tight guitar harmonies produced  by the remaining members; Gus Wright and Johnny Halpin.
The meaty breakdown is built and enhanced by the double kick and shatter of symbols from the former drummer Joey Beach. As one, the band holds out as a tight metalcore piece that I personally am very excited to hear further releases from, with news of a member re-shuffle I have no doubt Griever will continue to deliver.
My enjoyment for the new release is not solely delivered through the music but enhanced by the bands slick style, in the official music video, produced by Zak Pinchin Media. It betrays the band in a modern studio setting, passionately throwing down their new track yet has a constant tie to the tracks title and meaning as a man appears to struggle with his demons / conflict in his life.

The chaps from Griever have made their single available on bandcamp but with a twist

They are asking fans to pay what they like with the promise that any money raised will be used to fund a tour in 2015

so if you want to see the lads live (and who wouldn't) then pay a decent amount for the track here


and you can find Griever on their facebook page here

With crisp studio recording delivering every kick and triplet on the double bass pedals and whine of a screeching guitar solo in complete harmony with a modern, and frankly interpretive, professional looking music video ‘Conflict’ for me is by far Grievers greatest release to date. Having previous gigs supporting big names such as ‘Dead by April’, Griever are looking to continue filling their calendar with upcoming central London dates early in 2015, yet still  keep to their Bournemouth, south coast hometown roots, with gigs in Weymouth and Southampton firmly set in their calendar for early next year, along side with rumours of an EU tour, I truly think Griever have a lot more metal to offer and I personally cannot wait.
Keep an eye out for this band in 2015!

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