Griever @ Talking Heads – review

After the bang up job he did reviewing their latest single, we sent Dean Rogers over to Southampton to see what Griever do live.

Scissor kicks, jumps and swinging arms; the hype around Griever is not just comments and likes on a Facebook band page but very much a real following, as was evidenced at the Sunday night show from Griever and others such as ‘for I am King’. 
I take back my previous words from my earlier review regarding Grievers latest single ‘conflict’, In which I had said I have been previously let down and out of touch with the local metal scene due to poorly run intimate, sweaty gigs. The setting was perfect. for those who are not familiar with ‘Talking Heads’ in Southampton, get familiar. A small Pub/bar/venue with an opened area stage (dubbed Jacks room) out back, has all the correct grunge like qualities for a metal 6 piece show. From lighting and sound to cheap beers, hooray, the atmosphere was ready from the moment the Griever boys began their set.
Performing all songs with the same precision they were recorded in, new members old members, no problem the heart and integral game plan clearly has stayed intact. The band have obviously been putting a lot of work into the live performances, within 3 months of releasing their single ‘conflict’ Griever were already aware of an EU tour to be happening within the following months, however they have had to sit on this knowledge for a while. Until this past week, they have finally cleared the indefinite, rumours and confirmed dates for an all out EU tour, alongside 'Deafening whisper’ , throughout March 2015. The tour takes in countries such as ; Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Switzerland and more. 
Despite the long wait for the band to confirm full dates, they have managed to stay busy, with local gigs throughout. The night prior to the Talking heads show, I managed to attend, Griever played in Weymouth @ Finns, and from the word of mouth around the Gig, the circle pits and stomping didn't start in Southampton,  as Weymouth showed the lads a crowd of keen metal heads, with an exhibition of pits and crowd surfing. 
This didn't tire the band however as they proceeded to pull a intimate crowd on a sunday to the Talking Heads gig. Despite earlier sets from bands such as ‘Forgotten Shores’ and ‘For I am king’ Griever still managed to up their game and the crowds movements, even inciting me into a fist frenzy mosh pit, a rarity on my behalf. Cheap beer or great music either way for me Griever topped the bill.

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Having come along way from rehearsing in old Legion clubs in Poole (ironically where they filmed their latest single ‘conflict’) the buzz around Griever continues to grow, especially with new officially announced drummer Lewis Littlefield who performed every song down to the T, from the nights opening track, earlier stuff like ‘Die before you live’ right the way up to, the repeatedly mentioned, ‘conflict’ single. I imagine there is no worry in the camp with the level of game they will bring to the rest of Europe.  
 The recent unfortunate news that has lead to the departing of ways with their original bass player Gus,has not stopped the momentum either, however I can assure fans that the band are saddened by the news. 
‘For I am King’ originally billed to headline the show at talking heads,  were on their last tour date of the UK and have been touring for the last month. Originating from the Netherlands, they went out with a bang and expressed their gratefulness for everyone involved in the tour. This no doubt had a vitalising effect on Griever as they prepare for their EU tour, and this had to be a big part of their heavy performance that followed.

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