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It's a hot sunday afternoon and you're sitting in a park soaking up the rays. What more do you need? How about a bit of reggae?

One of the big attractions at the 'It's All About The Culture"(IAAC) event in Boscombe's Churchill Park was the opportunity to catch a Hy Wred Skye set.

Kicking off with the toasting stylie of 'Helping Hand' the band introduced the Boscombe locals to a little piece of Jamaica, which was apt as the smell of chicken, rice an peas wafted gently across the field.

It was a lovely hot day and the handily titled 'Take a chill pill' fitted right in. To be fair the guys were doing well against an exceptionally toppy mic and a PA with a set up decided by throwing dice. If you're doing reggae then the last thing you need is more treble than Aled Jones sitting on a barbed wire fence.

The crowd certainly enjoyed the music and before long we had the band playing and dancing in the middle of the assembled punters which was great to see and just added to the friendly atmosphere of the day.

One of my big bugbears with bands is when you get acts who hang on to the mic stand like it's the only cover in a paintball field, refusing to move or interact. No chance of that here with the guys going on more walkabouts than the queen who's just hit her thumb with a hammer.

I enjoyed the set by Hy Wred Skye very much. To be fair I'd like to see them with a better PA but that aside they gave a good account and from a purely personal point of view I could do with less Peter Andre and more Peter Tosh. Of course given that the assembled throng were singing and dancing then I may well be in a minority!

You can find Hy Wred Skye

On facebook https://www.facebook.com/hywred.skye.5

on youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/redskyband2014

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The chaps showed versatility with a cover of 'Sex on fire' and a very passable 'Stir it up' which seemed the perfect vibe for the event and was much enjoyed by the punters.

I particularly liked 'Glow of a sun rise' which almost turns UB40 style British Reggae, and the social comment of 'Talent Show Finalist' as it seems we share views on X-Factor style entertainment (see vid below).

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