Important – these guys need your support

As a firm believer in supporting local I have no difficulty in asking, nay begging for your support for the awesome Soulhole

As stalwarts of the local scene Soulhole have been entertaining audiences for quite some time.

With a new Ep on the cards it's great to see them making headway and even better, they are now in the final of the O'Neills 'Sounds of Summer' competition.

The final takes place this week on the 24th over in that there London and if you want to turn up there may even be a bit of transport available.

It's important to support our local bands, if we stop supporting then they stop playing and all you'll get is Rita Ora and Justin Bieber played on a massive loop and you don't want that do you?

No you don't.

Check out the guys page here

And have a look at the O'Neills page here.

Come on people show some love!

O'Neills Sound of Summer takes place at O'Neills, Wardour Street, London on 24th August.

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