Indiana(the girl) – review

Just this side of barking but close enough to be interesting, Indiana (the girl not the band) provides an original alternative to your usual Paloma Faith or Amy Winehouse clones.

Trundling along to Joiners in Southampton (yes I know it's out of area but please see my apology here) courtesy of the wonderful people at Absolute Music, our second act of the night provided, for me, the highlight.

 A mixture of beatsy electronica echoing Kraftwerk but with Indianas' soulful voice upfront and centre (and on backings) this artiste produces a big wall sound but with danceable tunes to go with.

It's maybe a bit disrespectful to try and describe Indiana by reference to other singers (which is exactly what I'm about to do) but in the wonderfully atmospheric 'Animal' we get full on Sinead O'Connor together with a bass line that has a frequency just under that of whale song. When going to see this live don't stand too close to the monitors or you'll lose a filling.


Check out the vid here and have nose round her youtube channel

Indiana also has some interesting remixes on soundcloud so have a go at that too



Whilst Animal shows the experimental side of this acts music, 'Solo dancing' points the way to an upbeat dance track possibility. The clarity of Indianas' voice shines through all of the tracks and the quality could be heard loud and clear as she did a wonderfully simple 'Blind as I am' just with voice and keyboard. Check out the official vid for this below.

I felt that for the live performance the backing tracks were overdone on 'Mess around' which is not massively surprising given the nature of the recorded track and perhaps points out the difficulty of taking an electronic based music selection out on the road.

Overall I have to say I was very impressed with Indiana. She produces interesting music which looks like it's about to go off in any number of directions. She also strikes me as an act that could suddenly go ballistic after a movie soundtrack or high profile ad appearance and no doubt this is something that record co Sony are working on right now. Sadly these days this is the way that decent acts get into the public conciousness.


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