Innocent Bystander

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to Bike Night we go.

My first Poole Quay bike night of the year and it's the double treat of seeing loads of bike porn and Innocent Bystander.

The Lord Nelson has supported Bike Night for ages by putting on bands as part of the ambience and it's hats off to them. This summertime weekly event is a real feather in the cap of the conurbation. Would the innocents turn out to be the GSXR1000 or a rather ropey FS1E (bike joke)?

An excellent first half comes to an end and the second half brings a welcome surprise in that the guys do a song written by CC. Pleasure den is a heartfelt story based on real life experiences that gives CC a chance to show the emotion and power in her voice. You can see this on the video (sorry about the quality!)

Before long the setlist is in full flow and we get a really good 'Strong' from London Grammar and a full on 'She sells sanctuary' and the quality shows no sign of abating.

Not everything goes as planned however as at least one song goes a little off track but it's brought round probably by the experience of FS and if you start and end both at the same time then who's going to notice right? CC admits herself to a lack of experience but having seen the gig list for these guys it's clear that she'll be an old hand pretty damn quick.


Frank Smithand had tipped me the wink that CC was something special and told me I needed to see her in action. Who was I to refuse?

Whilst Frank sets up I have a chat to the lovely Selina, or I should say I listen to her as she talks nineteen to the dozen and tells me of her travels and ending up singing with the band. It's great fun but all too soon it's time for the show and I sit back and prepare to be wowed.

With Frank on guitar it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that you are going to get a decent set but 'All along the Watchtower' is a stand out. Admittedly a personal favourite it's done with aplomb and very enjoyable for the initially small crowd.

Meanwhile CC gives it some and it becomes clear very quickly that she's got a very good, powerful voice.

The crowd thickens, possibly IMHO due to the excellent sound emanating from the Nelly. Admittedly not all goes well and they lose their way in at least one song which is maybe a result of CCs self confessed inexperience but having seen their gig list it's something that will be put right pretty damn quickly. The punters don't notice though possibly due to the craftsmanship of Frank pulling the set along and after all that's the beauty of live music.

Innocent Bystander are an excellent covers band, combining the songs we all know but with some original material. The excellent axe work of Frank Smithland and the wonderful voice of newcomer Selina 'CC' Hunter are a treat and worth 'hunting' (I'll get me coat) out.

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