It Don’t seem a year

just very slightly over a year ago we were having a great time in a field in Daaarset

It's almost time for that there Henfest, a boutique type festival in the wilds of Wimborne

If you'd like to see what we thought of it then have a looksee here 

So I thought it might be an idea to feature this lovely little friendly festival because it's important and also because they raise money for a brilliant cause.

Henfest, which grew up as all the best festys do from a group of friends thinking they might like to do something, raises money for The CysticFibrosis Trust and the Royal Brompton and Harefield hospital *

Now I appreciate that many people may not be bothered but I think these are great causes however having seen the line up I also think it's worth buying yourself some tix because a) they ain't a lot of money and b) because there's some awesome acts slated to appear.

So you can find the line up here but amongst others you can expect to wonder at the amount of people Quinns Quinney can get on a stage, marvel at the way Wil McNicol can play a guitar with a folded business card and be astounded at the sounds that Steve (Citizen Perez) Perry can get out of a kazoo.

Other local faves that will be appearing are the magical Worry Dolls and if your heart can take the excitement Black Water County.

This is a great festival to take the kids to because it's limited to 500 souls and you can sort of let them off the reins a bit without worrying that you'll lose them. There's also plenty for them to do on site.

Beer - Cheap, Food - Great, People - Friendly.

What else can I say other than clickety click the link and buy yourself some tix. Also make sure that you buy raffle tickets, food, beer and put money into collecting buckets because these are the sort of events that really do save lives.

*The political bit - Right then. It can't have escaped your notice that the NHS is being chronically underfunded. Whatever your feelings about this (and if you buy me a beer at Henfest then I'll tell you all about it) the fact remains that we are where we are. Charity events like this are making sure that badly needed research is still being done and people still get the nursing and clinical care they need. All you have to do is turn up and tap your foot a bit. Go on you know you want to.

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