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Frank Turner
Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band
Amazing goings on at Boomtown

How happy are we that it's nearly Boomtown time? - This Happy

The odyssey that is Boomtown kicks off in the countryside near Winchester on 10th August with a mahoosive 9 sectors full of awesome music and complete loons.

I thought it might be an idea to pick out a few of the acts that I'm looking forward to seeing there, please let us know what you fancy seeing.

In the Lions Den there are some proper leg-ends that I need to catch. First off The Specials. Who knows what the line up will be but their music provided the soundtrack to the early eighties and I'll be there without doubt (Lions Den, not the Eighties).

Certainly deserving of the title legends are Toots and the Maytals. Love love love these guys and given that they inspired much of the UK ska and bluebeat boom of the last century then anyone two tone will want to see them.

It's not all older bands though as the exceptional Chainska Brassica are also on Lions. See them, they're good.

The Town Centre is usually a pretty lively place and last year (in between invasions) I caught some great acts there. This time round I'm looking out for Arrested Development, The Sugar Hill Gang (with of course Mele Mel and the Furious Five) and at the risk of losing all music cred The Original Blues Brothers Band.

The Old Mines was dusty as hell last year and hopefully it'll be the same this. It gives it the proper old time feel. Headlining this year is Frank Turner (top show) with other notable must see's Mad Dog McCrea and the inimitable Beans on Toast.

Ferocious Dog are appearing in the nearby Rusty Spurs and if you like your folk punky and dirty then this is the place for you.

Some notable local bands are in the Spurs with Black Water County, Hightown Crows and Surfin' Birds all turning up to play.

Selby and the Dharma Blitz on Floating Lotus, Loyle Carner on Poco Loco, Benjamin Zephania on Whistlers Green and Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band on Wild West are all well worth checking out.

With so many bands and Djs on during the weekend it would be a miserable git indeed who didn't find something good to listen to.

It's not just the bands either. The whole event is a chapter in a story and there are actors and scene setters around all weekend. Last year we saw tightrope walkers, magicians, drunken cowboys and all manner of goings on. You won't get bored -in fact my suggestion is that you take a few days off at then end to recover!

You can find last year's review and gallery here hopefully that will give you some idea of the quality of the weekend.

There's a lot going on so I've put some of the poster at the end of this post but check out the Boomtown website cos it's one of the better festival ones.

See you there!

Ooh and there's playlist

Stole this  off the boomtown people

  • Trenchtown hosts citizens who share a love for all things reggae. From dub to jungle and everything between, this district has grown with relish, nestled in a spacious bowl of good vibes. Trenchtown's celebration of Jamaican music and soundsystem culture is at the heart of Boomtown, with its musical influence heard across the entire festival.

  • Whistlers Green provides Boomtown with some of the sweetest sounds, courtesy of The Windmill which brings the best in jazz and world music a lush grass filled space. Just a hop and skip away, The Speakers Corner provides a thought provoking space home to discussion and debate. There are a plethora of creative workshops for all ages including Forest Schools, make your own chocolate shops and carpentry, as well as relaxing and soothing massages.

  • Kidztown is a dedicated family place for little Boomers. With it’s own dedicated Sandcastle Stage bringing child friendly acts from across the festival. A Sunday carnival, arts-and-crafts and educational activities provide plenty of opportunities for monkeying around.

  • Wild West is the land where bluegrass, folk, and hillbilly music dominate the soundscape. Rife with citizens clad in cowboy boots and cowboy hats, chewing toothpicks and puffing cigars, Transported back to a real life Western set, Boomtown revellers experience a dreamy, Wild West filled with saloon-like venues, gun-slinging roleplay and exotic showgirl routines.

  • Oldtown is a district sporting an 18th century swasbuckling vibe bursting with balkan energy.  Bringing the most dramatic, foot stomping gypsy and folk music from across the seven seas to one steamy location, this year sees a spanking new stage takeover from where the beloved the pirate ship left off...

  • Mayfair provides a little taste of high-society living sprinkled with electro-swing and vintage jazz beats. Spend an afternoon sipping prosecco on the Sky bar balcony or pop by the  Mayfair Opera House for silly fun and games, get sugared up at Patisserie Calorie, spy a surprise at Twisted Taxidermy and end your night at the opulent Park Hotel.

  • Sector 6 takes nuclear facilities to new heights. Introduced in Chapter 8 as home to the more rebellious members of society, some of the most respected underground DJ’s send waves of bass rippling through the swarming crowd that swell the natural bowl of sound on the outskirts of the festival.

  • Bang Hai Towers is a completely remodelled and redesigned centrepiece for the Downtown area of the festival. Stacking soundsystems to the sky, this beast of bass hosts coveted world leaders in garage, grime and drum & bass.

  • Barrio Loco brings the best in live hip-hop, bass, house and techno. A technicolor wonderland inspired by a carnivalesque aesthetic. Main venues include; Vamos, a mecca of electronica, lasers and techno and Poco Loco, a vibrant stage serving funk and live bass music.
Madness on The Lions Den Stage
The amazing Sector 6
The Wild West
The Levellers on the Town Centre stage
It's not just the music at Boomtown
The Wild West
All bands Boomtown 2017
Boomtown 2017 DJs

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