Jack Ratts – new album in the offing

Those stand up chaps The Jack Ratts invited Gigs and Bands up to a recording studio in a secret location to see them working on their latest album.

By the time we get up to Ranch Productions in Southampton (oh wait...) they're halfway through what is sounding like something special. Andy explains that they feel that they've moved on greatly from the first album Sail the Deadly Seas, with a much more defined way of working and an understanding of how to structure their work.

They tell me that they are very pleased with how the process is going, with the experience of making the earlier disc helping to inform the way they work for this issue. "We're taking longer to do this" Andy explains "So that we can get something we are really happy with". The disc is planned for a May - June release but they won't push it with all original artwork in the pipeline too.

The latest album features all new, all original tracks and from the little bits I've heard they are well up to standard. The guys have been working for a few days by the time I get there and reckon that it will take another week or so of work to get the CD in shape.

They've been together for a while now and it's clear that they've found their various niches in the band as some are working on recording and mix, Jack Ratt Vinnie sits and updates their social media and Fabian performs the duty of tea maker!

The band are garnering a growing fan base, not only in the Bournemouth area but further afield too as they are often to be found working far afield in pubs and festivals alike. In fact they are so busy that they are booked solid until June already which is a testament to the buzz around the Ratts. Booked to do Boomtown and a number of festivals they are worth seeing in a festival environment.

They are also planning an album launch gig, which will no doubt be a corking do. Watch out for that one.

Pete turns up, a little bleary eyed after a stag night and we shoot a few photos in the farmyard, which involves trying not to include an errant Nissan Micra in the shots (very good on fuel with reasonably priced spares) , before I make my excuses and let them get on with the real business of putting out what I'm pretty sure will be a cracking album!

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