Kasabian – Review

Since their stunning Sunday headline set at Glasto this year the boys from Kasabian, rather like their idols Leicester City have been elevated to the premier league.

The question of course is whether their visit to Bournemouth would produce a stunning 5-3 against Man Utd or a rather disappointing 2-2 versus Burnley. </end metaphor>

The guys turned up with a bag full of catchy tunes and The Maccabees in tow and the sell out crowd at the BIC waited to see if their forty hard-earned pounds would be well spent.

The Maccabees are a funny one, they are a group who I've always think I should like but they've never quite done it for me. Tuesday night was sadly no exception.

The guys were earnest enough in their endeavour but for me they managed to stay on the boring side of average. The set was a trip round a samey list of almost hits and although they gave it a go their slightly self deprecating humour didn't quite make it in the interaction stakes.

That having been said they had a good number of fans in the crowd who really enjoyed what they were doing and sang along with the band. If you want a probably more level headed post then I'd suggest having a look at this excellent review by Alan Ewart.

 The beer interlude followed and featured a very large pink back projection countdown in the style of the cover of their latest album 48:13. As the rose coloured clock ticked on I budged my way as close to the front as I could given that we'd been denied a photo pass by the promoters management/PR using the age old tactic of ignoring. No reason why they should give us a pass of course but a polite 'fuck off' would have been nice.

This will explain the dodgy quality of the photos. At least I've got an excuse this time. Look what you did Millie and Hugo, look what you did.

But I digress, yet again.

The chaps had shelled out on a smashing string section and they appeared in the skeleton suits that Serge can be seen wearing in one of the vids (forgot which one). Drummer Ian Matthews was on stunning form and displayed both power and an amazing amount of stamina as he powered the sets through what have to be admitted are some big drum songs.

If there's a criticism of the band it has to be on the crowd interaction side. Yes of course there was the obligatory "Great to be in Bournemouth" bit but to be frank Tom asked us to show us our hands so often I wasn't sure whether it was a new form of drugs search or if he was just checking our post toilet cleanliness.

Churlish I know, especially in light of the quality of music we were getting. Similarly there were some jumps from Serge which had me cursing the fact that I wasn't in the pit with a decent camera.

Truth be told this was a band on form and they battered us into submission with indie rock hit after hit. To soon though we reached 'Empire' and the awesome 'Fire' and the end of the standard set.

Without us trying too hard (we mainly just stood about a bit) the guys came back on and gave an impressive encore including one of my favourites 'Stevie' and a faux Fat Boy Slim 'Praise you'.

There were a lot of beaming faces leaving the auditorium after the do.

Best peoplewatching - the women who attended wearing a dressing gown, another who had a fan and a third who had a right sad on because her fella decided he wanted to dance. How very dare he? Sorry all a bit sexist I know.

So was it worth it? Yep without a doubt. Like watching Eric Cantona, Thierry Henry and Ronaldo (damn it there's that football metaphor again) at the peak of their powers It was a gig that proved we make em good in the East Midlands.

Lighting up the attendees from the off with 'Bumblebee' it was clear that the Kasabian boys had brought their 'A game'. 

Speaking of lighting it was also evident where a lot of that forty quid had gone. There was a stunning lightshow featuring all manner of gadgetry from lasers to LEDs to Davey lamps probably.

The back projection was also put to good use with all manner of interesting and occasionally random appearances.

Anyroad as the band hurtled through a live version of a triple disc 'best of' with songs of the quality of 'Days are forgotten' and the eminently bounce-able 'Eez-eh' (thats how we people from Leicester speak, me duck) it was turning into a proper night.

For me there were no missed beats, even with such oddities as the 'Word up' break in 'Re-wired'. In fact I have to say that at one point I did look up at the people sitting in the expensive balcony seats and saw one of them tapping his foot, although it could have been cramp.

Anyway back down in what passed for a really rather polite mosh pit it got hot and sweaty and I was struck by two things. 1- the general level of unfitness (is it a word?yeah I think so) of the youth of today. Lightweights. 2 - how so many people turn up to a gig like this and are surprised that people dance, bounce, mosh and throw beer. Comedy gold.

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