Magna Rose @ Chaplins 25/3/14

Definition of potential 

adjective - having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.

After seeing Magna Rose as part of a solid air night at Chaplins I resolved to see a longer set to see if they were as good as I thought,

As it turned out I wasn't to be disappointed.

Of course it's easy to forget that these guys are very young being 19 & 15 however what that lends to their performance is an attractive naivete providing a counterpoint to much of the cynical and worldly wise dirge we often get.

Speaking to them between sets it becomes clear that the guys are on a journey towards professional musicianship rather than joining the 'X-Factor' queues that represent the aspirations of many of our youth today.

Alex explained that they are looking to develop their writing and get more percussion into their music but that they have no plans to collaborate, preferring to work as a sibling pair for the foreseeable.

It's a future that is starting to look very bright indeed with an as yet unannounced appearance at a local festival and with the guys going into the studio to finish off a somewhat traumatic EP/Album in the very near future.

With the attendee numbers repressed possibly by the appearance of Paolo Nutini up the road at the O2 and a visit by Leeds United at Dean Court, upstairs at Chaplins represented the ideal intimate venue for a quality set.

Playing a mix of folky/rocky type numbers brother and sister (or should that be sister and brother?) intersperse rock standards with some lesser known songs which makes for a really interesting style.

What's even better is that they write their own catchy tunes with powerful message based lyrics. Not for them the obligatory break up song.

With influences such as Frank Turner it's not surprising that there's a bit of substance there

Back in the room the pair produced some excellent covers but also gave a good account of their self penned songs such the irrepressible 'na na na song'.

As Paolo said goodbye to his guests and tucked into his rider so the masses descended upon Chaplins causing a first time ever encore (in fact four encores) for Magna.Particularly noticeable was Amy's ability to work with a drunken Nutini fan standing around 2 cms away from her!

Alex and Amy would be the first to admit that they are not the finished article I'm sure but they are well on the journey and I for one am particularly looking forward to their next release.

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