Mr Wiseguy

Accomplished covers band Mr Wiseguy have been entertaining local audiences for a fair amount of time now…

Any pub looking to boost trade could do worse than book Mr Wiseguy for an evening of fun cover style frolics.

They bring with them no small talent, a huge back catalogue and a very decent sized crowd. Playing a set comprised of all sorts of covers, the wiseguys are able to cater for all tastes and their undoubted experience in the local live music scene certainly ensures that they can gauge the crowd's mood and respond accordingly.

It's a pleasure to see a craftsman at his work and vocalist Terry Brown certainly does that. With his high energy attack and his somewhat quirky dress sense Terry makes sure that the crowd get fully involved. Too often we see band that play well but have no stage presence but Terry certainly has this in spades and it makes for a great time.

Special mention must be made of Martin Bird's lead. Well known on the local circuit Martin's accomplished playing really sets the scene for a professional night.

Recently joining the band (and somewhat younger than the other members) Ben Watton provides outstanding drums and it's very clear that he's destined fro greater things, but in the meantime the Wiseguys have hooked themselves a good one there.

Completing the four piece is experienced bassist Rick Andrews who puts up with Terry's shenanigans with good humour and keeps the band on track.

All in all if you are looking for an exceptional wedding and or a group to make your night a roaring success for a mixed crowd then look no further than Mr Wiseguy.