Our pick of the month – October

I know I know

Can't believe it's October already right?

On the plus side you get an hour extra in bed at the end of the month, You don't have to decide between shorts or jeans and there's a fantastic crop of music to be enjoyed this month.

These are the ones we're keen on this month - bands, venues and causes we love

Go on treat yourself and have a night out with some proper music!

1st October – Oxjam Kick off

October kicks off with a kick off - The Oxjam type.

An event to start off the fantastic festival produced by Oxfam volunteers. Over at The Orange rooms this event features the not inconsiderable talents of Red River Hogs, Ironic Encounter, Stanford Road and The Jimmy Hillbillies

Get yourself along for a hump day treat. Only 3 quid to get in

7th October – Lily of Barbery

A deserved winner of the Purbeck Folk Festivals' 'Purbeck Rising' competition the alter ego of Hannah Marshall is gaining quite a number of fans.

We loved her honest folkyness (it's a word look it up) and her winning smile. She's well worth a listen so get down to Chaplins for this one.

18th October – Oxjam takeover

If you like music or you like helping people or you like a good deal then this is for you.

A whole day dedicated to the very best in local live music hosted by the very best in local venues and it's all in aid of Oxfam.

There's a shed load of stuff going on I kid you not. In fact too much to mention here but you can have a see what is happening on our award winning (I can't back that up) festival guide  http://www.gigsandbands.com/bournemouth-oxjam-preview/

Chuffin eck it’s the Buzzcocks

Mr Kyps do it again on the 17th October with the leg ends that are The Buzzcocks.

It'll be loud to be sure and you can expect dancing shouting and other ings.

It's £20 in advance but that's a small price to pay for the chance to get near to a legend

24th October – Colt45

The Railway in Blandford has the distinction of being one of the last places that this awesome band are going to play - at least for the time being.

Not sure if the highly impressive Andy L Smooth will be with them as he's off learning how to be even more highly impressive at Uni but whoever is in the line up they always impress.

Sure it's covers but I bet if you ask them hard enough they will play a Walk the night song. Take a big angry looking mate.

31st October – The Jack Ratts

Not a month should go by without a pick that includes the Jack Ratts.

Fun? I should say so.

The guys appear at The Winch and it'll be interesting to see how hot they can make the venue with their high energy folkpunk or should that be punkfolk?

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