Patchwork Native – Lord Nelson

As a cold and wet night creeps in over Poole Quay, Patchwork Native set up to, in their words, "ruin your Sunday night" at The Lord Nelson.

After some technical difficulties during sound check and a few last minute changes, these 4 guys opened with an upbeat performance of one of their original songs. They certainly got me hooked from the first chord.

Keep an eye out for their EP, "Pieces of England" coming out shortly. This band certainly has potential. Watch this space.



From songs written by the band to a Deaf Havana cover, these Dorchester locals were out to have a good time as well as try a few things out. This gig seemed to be more of a practice run and a chance to experiment with some songs, however it most certainly worked in their favour.

With a setlist being comprised as they went along and the band mixing up a couple of their original tracks with versions that had only been practised the once, Patchwork Native put on a varied, but overall great performance.

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