Pepper presents showcase Part 1 – Review

The Lost Boys

First up for the night was southampton beat combo The Lost Boys.

Normally a five piece they arrived having misplaced a keyboard player which was probably the only disappointment of the night from these guys.

Kicking off with the intriguingly titled 'Chat you up' it looked like we were in for a set that didn't feature your normal La La Las and so it proved.With a line in catchy tunes and real world lyrics they bring a smile to the face as wide as a wide mouthed frog. (Look them up they really do exist).

I can only assume that in the 4 years they've been together they have combine playing the pubs and clubs and smaller venues like Hammersmith with marathon running as the energy they put into a set on the sweltering Winchester stage was impressive. Damn it was hot.

If they turn up at a venue near you then make sure you go along and see them. If they don't then have a go on soundcloud or youtube or whatever platform floats your boat.

Upbeat but with a message tinged with sadness their songs remind of early squeeze updated for the texting generation. Tunes that more than once harked back all the way to Freddie and the Dreamers bounce around your head like one of those really bouncy balls that you can buy from the pound shop.

The mersey beat sound continues through most of their work and you'd expect them to be guitar heavy with the line up they have but although prominent it wasn't overwhelming, possibly due to the quality of lyrics matching the hooks in the songs.

There's a bit of Ordinary Boys, Couteeners of course and given Daniels' resemblence to Pete Doherty there's a smattering of  Libertines/Babyshambles only with more wit in the lyrics...and better singing...and better drumming...and better guitar strumming. Umm.

The Lost Boys Gallery

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