Pepper presents showcase Pt 2 – Review

Missing Andy

After a 6 hour tour of the car parks of the south (M25 etc.) Missing Andy could be forgiven for not fancying stepping onto the Winchesters' version of a sauna on a hot Thursday night. (have I said it was hot yet?)

However step they did and very glad we were. Gathering a growing fanbase around the South these chaps from somewhere else bring forward a big bunch of loud stuff that delights and amazes in equal quantity.

That having been said of course they went down a storm at the Winch with fans old and new enjoying what became a massively entertaining end to the set. They are a band that likes a good story and when hit Dave we get full on singability and earworm material.

By the time the set comes to a superb anthemic end with Mr Policeman and Alive we know we've been royally entertained.

Missing Andy are a group of musicians who know how to put on a proper show and I expect to hear a lot more of this massively impressive band.

In retrospect I see a band I like very much, possibly unable to decide which track to follow and with too many influences or maybe unafraid to take new directions and using as much material as they can to provide their hugely entertaining sounds. You'll have to decide for yourselves.

Full of promise the chaps kick off with an indie rock sound which pings in bits of ska along the way. I'm perturbed by the poppy sound of Feel Like this. Are we getting a pop band? The answer appears to be  a resounding 'no' as we move into the Essex sound of 'Scum' and 'Made in England'. We get rap with a message and almost Professor Green but with guitars.

We're deep in a banging set and for me at least this is where we see the first signs of a schizophrenic band. Maybe a sign of a group that have been together in various guises for many years we get bounced between acoustic/indie/ska/rap uncomfortably. In parts they almost turn into Madness before returning to  Kasabian anthemic mode.

Is this a bad thing? At the time I wasn't keen but in retrospect I'm seeing a band that does a lot of stuff really really well. I'm still unsure what pigeon hole they should go into. As someone who likes to reject message carrying bird accommodation at every opportunity I support them in that - the question of course is will the music industry?

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