Pepper presents

In the second of their Winchester showcases the app people Pepper present three more up and coming bands.

If you were at the last shindig you'll remember the quality they brought us with Missing Andy and The Lost Boys and this month's selection keeps up the high standard.

It's looking like a corking night and if you are hard enough to go out ona school night ( go on we dare you) then get yourself along to the winch and have a listen.

You can get tickets on the pepper site here and they are only £6 in advance so you've got no excuse have you? Fun starts at 8pm

Bristol based Goan Dogs have been getting some airplay and were recently featured on Tom Robinson's introducing mix tape, a sign of a band with potential.
They play what bandcamp categorizes as 'Desert Roc' which is a new one on me but does actually describe nicely the sort of sound you get.

 The Well Travelled Common Tongues have been bouncing around the international festival circuit and we very much like their folky/alt/indie style. Complex sounds marry with well crafted lyrics meaning that you have to listen to the words dammit!

Jealous Michael are a four piece that provide listeners with thoughtful proper indie sounds with wonderful vocals and half poppy half folky and half balladic tunes, (yes I know)

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