Pick of the month – May

A bit late on parade this month but we got there in the end

 There's some exceptional music on offer throughout Dorset this month and choosing the best appearing in our gig guide has been a tough call but here goes...

First up are three of our favourite local acts appearing courtesy of Bournemouth Folk Club. The exceptional Jack Grace and Beartown Zodiac join Fearne for an evening at Skinner Street Church in Poole. It costs £6 to get in but there's a good chance you may get to hear some of the songs on Fearne's upcoming album and if it's half as good as their last one it'll be a cracker.

We liked Blame George when they appeared at The Winchester a while back and it's great to see this young band appearing at another of our favourite venues in The Lord Nelson. An indie band with a great female lead and superb guitar sounds they are worth a see.


Making some serious waves both here and up in that there London, Empire Affair give a superb show.

High energy indie with a slightly poppy feel EA have one of the best frontmen around in Neil Tallant.

Sure to be in their set are some of the excellent toons from recent CD Pangs.

See these guys up at Chaplins on the 15th for a superb night out.

There's some serious bands up at 60MPC this month and first up are Aussie band Sticky Fingers. Turning up on the 14th these guys defy description so look them up on the book of face or just go along to postcards.


Also appearing are a very exciting new band The Deltorers who feature Zoot the drummer. Little else need be said if you've seen him and if you haven't then you only need to wait until the 28th where they are supporting the brilliant The Spills.

60 Million Postcards Bournemouth exterior


The Dorset bank holiday weekend is shaping up to be a busy time in G&B land with some great stuff going on.

Special note must be made of the superb Gunstone Gathering.

One of the friendliest festivals around it features loads of wonderful local bands for two days of awesomeness in a field near Wimborne.

The price? £20 quid for two full days of local music including camping.

Namvula Rennie is back in Dorset giving the assembled populace some of her excellent world music. We loved her gig over in Studland and she's playing a few local dates at the end of the month. check the gig guide for details.


Without doubt we are blessed with an excellent and ever expanding live music scene here in Bournemouth.

The sun is starting to shine and the gig guide is filling up.

Our recommendation is to take advantage of the wonderful Dorset countryside and check out the local music on offer.

Check back for reviews of the gigs we've been to and who knows, some half decent photos and a bit of ropey video.

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