This page is a showcase of what our photography looks like.

It's divided into two sections; Acts and People.

Our first gallery here is a few examples of what your acts will look like when they are shot by us. Of course a lot depends on the acts, the lighting and the access we get. We're not magicians after all!

The main purpose we're at a festival is to watch, review and photograph the bands on show but we are aware that these are often of secondary use to festival organisers when they are marketing their bash.

In fact what they need are lots of pictures of people having a great time, interaction, friends, unusual scenes. Things that make people want to come next year and shots that remind people what a great time they had.

We make an unwritten deal with the organisers of any festival that we attend - that we'll provide a decent amount of usable general festival shots that can be used for publicity and some that will have a reasonable amount of usable dead space for titles etc.

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The Acts Portfolio

Festival Images


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